stein bruch

Starting the new year, we welcome Stein Bruch back to resume his extremely well regarded “All About Avionics” series. Indeed, were lucky to have him; during his late-summer hiatus from our pages, he got into an, er, argument with a propeller trying to hand-start a friends airplane. Stein lost part of a finger and, as we went to press, had weaned himself from the big painkillers. But lets all take this as a warning to be careful out there. His story on audio panels and intercoms begins on Page 48.

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bob fritz

We let Bob out of the machine shop this month to visit with Dan Parker, a big thinker with plans to set an altitude record with an airplane of his own design. Parker has many good ideas on construction and design that would stand even us snap-together types well in our building projects. The feature begins on Page 15.

ishmael fuentes

Were up for keeping costs down in flying, now more than ever in a world of $4.50/gallon avgas and the threat of user fees on the far (if not near) horizon. Old Man Ish, as we like to call him because it uses fewer letters, offers his big plan for building your own airplane without busting the bank. Word is that Mrs. Fuentes is adept at refashioning cardboard boxes for Ishmaels undergarments-but thats just a rumor. His story begins on Page 20.


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