Dynon Announces D30 Small EFIS


Dynon Avionics’ successful SkyView HDX EFIS exists in both Experimental and certified forms but new installations have been complicated by one fact: The certified system is keyed to the EFIS-D10A, which was impacted by supply chain issues over the last few years. The solution is the newly introduced D30.

According to Dynon, the 4-inch-display D30 has a “high resolution touchscreen display. The display provides pilots with critical backup flight information, including attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, turn rate, and slip/skid indications.” It’s just 3.7 inches deep and mounts through a “slightly modified” 3 1/8-inch instrument hole.

Retail price is $1945. An integrated backup battery that “provides up to 5 hours of runtime in the event of aircraft power failure” is a $219 option.

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