E-MAG Ignitions Taking Orders for Six-cylinder P-Mag

E-MAG 200 Series
E-MAG 200 Series

E-MAG Ignitions of Azle, Texas, the makers of the P-Mag electronic ignition, announced that they are close to releasing their long awaited six cylinder E-MAG ignition (starting in June). This date is close enough that, for the first time, they are ready to start accepting customer deposits of $200 per ignition. Despite numerous offers over the years, they have declined to take deposits until they could see that production was in sight. When asked why they felt that it was now time to take deposits, E-Mag’s Brad Dement said “we have a long waiting list and deposits are the best way to “shake out the dust” so we can fashion a realistic and considerate delivery schedule”.

Please email any questions to [email protected].

For more information, check out their web page at www.emagair.com/Series200prep.htm


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