Eric Raymond Seeks Tour of the Americas on Solar Power


Eric Raymond flew across the U.S. in Sunseeker I on solar power in 21 hops in 1990.  He crossed the Alps between Germany and Italy in 2009 flying Sunseeker II. He  co-piloted e-Genius with Klaus Ohlmann to win second place in the 2011 Green Flight Challenge.  With a record like that, it’s only natural that his next accomplishment could prove to be extraordinary.

It will. Sunseeker Duo is the world’s first two-seat solar-powered airplane, and Eric and his wife, Irena, are seeking funds to complete this amazing airplane and fly it around the Americas in a demonstration of sun-powered flight.

Through Kickstarter, the Raymonds hope to incorporate “the all-important electronics, motor controller, battery management system, solar peak power trackers and cockpit displays,” Eric said. “Also an extensive test-flight program is planned before carrying any passengers, so we need some time and money for that stage of the project, when we find out how well it performs in the real world.”
After successful completion of testing, the Raymonds will fly the Duo on a grand tour of the Americas, using their photographic skills to document their North and South American adventures. A film crew will follow to create a documentary of the trip.

Donations through Kickstarter will be rewarded with project mementos – up to and including a flight in the tested airplane and even a section of Sunseeker I’s wing.  It’s a chance to help make aviation history, possibly even including a few world records, in the coming months.

See the Kickstarter Duo page at for details.


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