G3X Touch Installation Class for Experimental Aircraft

Image: Garmin

Garmin Aviation Training will host a two-day G3X Touch for Experimental Aircraft – Installation Course at the company’s headquarters in Olathe, Kansas on October 17-18. The fee to attend this course is $495.

This 2-day course is ideal for pilots and homebuilders that are new to the Garmin G3X Touch system and desire some manufacturer guidance in its installation and use. Instruction will include many fundamentals associated with system installation, equipment considerations, and performing maintenance on the G3X Touch equipment. There will also be a half-day of pilot training on how to effectively use the PFD/MFD and other commonly interfaced Garmin units.

Training topics include:

  • Technical resources available from applicable websites
  • G3X Touch component descriptions and system architecture
  • CAN Bus and sensor installation
  • EIS gauges and probes: setup and configuration
  • System configuration exercise
  • Interfacing other Garmin systems (GTN™ and G5™)
  • G3X Touch maintenance and flight logs
  • Software and databases
  • Enroute navigation tools
  • Hazard avoidance
  • Abnormal operations & troubleshooting

For more information, please visit https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/66…AVPL-A19290-A1


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