Garmin Unveils Bigger, Better Multi-Function Display


GPS goliath Garmin International announced the debut of its latest system-the GMX 200, a multi-function display (MFD) with a high-resolution display the company says is almost 20% larger than any other panel-mount MFD unit on the market. According to the company, an advanced backlighting scheme improves the color and contrast on the 640×480-pixel unit, resulting in chart depictions and images that are brighter and more vivid in all lighting conditions.

The GMX 200 builds on the company’s MX20 MFD-at a glance, you se your aircrafts position relative to terrain, obstructions, weather, airways, navaids, restricted airspace and more. With a press of a soft key, the pilot can select between several charting options and add or remove details. A new rotary knob has been added to allow for quicker map scale changes and entry of data. In addition, a new front-loading SD card slot allows for expanded memory and makes loading updated charts uncomplicated. The GMX 200 fits in the same panel space as the MX20 and has more serial ports for added sensor capacity.

The unit includes high-res terrain data for the entire world. For advanced weather depictions, you can combine the GMX 200 with the Garmin GDL 69 for nationwide weather information via XM Satellite Radio.

And like the MX20, the GMX 200 is available in three versions: Standard, Traffic or Radar/Traffic. The Traffic version allows interface with Garmins TIS-capable transponders and ADS-B transceivers as well as interface with select TCAS systems. The Radar/Traffic version increases capability with interface to Garmins GWX 68, a new color digital weather radar system.

Prices start at $8995. For information, contact Garmin at 800/800-1020 or visit their website at

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