Garmin Updates, Improves iPad App

Garmin Pilot version 5.0 now features data-driven mapping and track up functions.
Garmin Pilot version 5.0 now features data-driven mapping and track up functions.

The number 5.0 may just be the charm for Garmin Pilot. The app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, has finally added “track up” to its diverse and useful abilities. (Track up is currently only available on iOS machines.) Best of all, charting data stays right-side up oriented even in “track up” mode.

Garmin Pilot, at around $10 a month (or $79.99 annually), is not the least expensive app in the moving map genre for iOS and Android devices, but with the version 5.0 upgrade it is becoming one of the more robust. Mapping in the app can now be data driven for rapid scaling in and out (versus graphic, which is a scanned sectional or en route chart image). You can get this with the Jeppesen apps, but it will cost you considerably more.  Something the Jeppesen app does not do: when zooming into an airport, Garmin’s exclusive SafeTaxi airport diagrams (subscription required) now automatically appear directly on the moving map without the need to switch to a dedicated airport diagram page.

Enhanced Cloud syncing in version 5.0 allows you to plan your flight on your phone, and execute it with your iPad at the airplane, with just an over air sync. And chart annotation has also come to Garmin Pilot, again, making it more competitive. If you want more information or a chance to play with this robust program, saunter over to Hangar D and catch up with the product with during a daily 2 pm seminar every day of the show.



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