Garmins Latest-A Ready-to-Fly Aviation PDA


 Garmin International announced its latest GPS mapping gadget-the iQue 3600a. According to Garmin, the product is the first Palm-powered aviation device that comes ready to navigate right out of the box without extensive set-up procedures. The package includes the iQue unit with built-in basemap, terrain, obstacle and Jeppesen databases, as well as a yoke-mounted cradle.

Its like flying with a portable MFD, said Gary Kelley, Garmins director of marketing. Pilots will fall in love with the rich color, the high-resolution display, the sectional chart-like presentation, the terrain-mapping and obstacle-alerting functions, and the overall ease of use.

The iQue 3600as features include the following: mapping data with aviation navaids, airport and airspace; topographic data and obstacles; GPS-derived speed, altitude and guidance features in an aircraft panel format; and a digital logbook that tracks flight time, mileage and start/end points. In addition, the units QueTerrain feature uses the topographic/obstacles database to alert you of potential terrain conflicts near your flight path using pop-up windows.

The unit weighs 6.2 oz. and features a 3.8-inch diagonal TFT display screen. The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to 9 hours of continuous use at the minimum backlight setting. Dedicated Direct-To, Nearest, Menu, Escape, Enter and directional rocker buttons are built into the unit, so no stylus is needed in the cockpit.

In addition, the iQue 3600a is a fully functioning Palm OS PDA; it features automotive turn-by-turn capabilitites and comes with a suite of personal information management applications including address book, date book, memo pad and to do list.

The iQue 3600a lists for $1099. For more information, call Garmin at 800/800-1020 or visit


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