Have a bike? Need a lift?

Murphy Aircraft general manager Tyler Penner next to the Radical with a bike mount.

An innovative mount for carrying a bicycle is available for the new Murphy Radical kitplane. This is a unique under wing design option for Murphy Aircraft’s two-seat, STOL bush aircraft. Murphy Aircraft is known for their line of metal skin kit bush planes featuring the Rebel, Elite, Maverick and Moose.

The Radical features a large space behind the side by side seats for load carrying and has enough room for two people to sleep comfortably on the double floor. The gross weight of the aircraft is 1900 lb and requires engine power in the 135-220 hp range. Components of the kit are manufactured on the latest CNC equipment for fast building and precise fit. Murphy aircraft has plans on producing an LSA compliant version of the Radical in the near future.

More information: www.murphyair.com


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