Homebuilt Camping Celebrates Mardi Gras Night

Designated Master Cajun Chef Adam Sullivan.
Welcome to Mardi Gras, HBC style.

Homebuilt Camping at Sun ‘n Fun has a legendary reputation for hospitality and fellowship. It’s not just a place to camp next to your homebuilt—its expansive tent is a gathering place for respite, food and congenial repartee with fellow camper/aviators.

The “business plan” for HBC is to have simple breakfast foods available for campers and to have grilled dinners each evening. Especially popular are the Friday night steak and salmon dinners. They have been so successful that other non-campers often infiltrate to join in the good food and good company. There are no formal exchanges of currency in this process. Pilots just deposit “love offerings” in the jar. It all seems to work out.

Mardi Gras Revelers Billy Stewart, Jerry Fischer and John Morgan, all from Atlanta.

To try something new this year, HBC Den Mother Heidi Mogg deemed Wednesday night as “Mardi Gras Night,” complete with Cajun cuisine and parade beads. Thankfully, none of the male campers felt the need to raise their shirts to have beads thrown at them. Chef duties fell to Adam Sullivan of Lakeland, who whipped up a creole worthy jambalaya and grilled chicken. Good food and good drink resulted in flowing camaraderie, punctuated by raucous outbursts of laughter.

Lining up for authentic Creole jambalaya.


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