Homebuilt Camping is Alive and Well

Kelly, Maxwell, and Lucas Duke of Dublin, Georgia
Kelly, Maxwell, and Lucas Duke of Dublin, Georgia

Homebuilt camping is alive and well at Sun ‘n Fun 2016 with 42 airplanes parked as of sunset. The comradeship in HBC at SnF really sets the bar for fly-ins and hospitality. Many of the same people have been coming for years. One example is Maxwell Duke with his wife Kelly and son Lucas. Maxwell is a doctor in Dublin, Georgia, who also happens to fly an RV-10, again this year bringing the family and camping. Maxwell has built a Kitfox and a Zenith 750 STOL with seven friends and his wife even learned to fly in the Kitfox. His son, who is 12 now, has been coming to SnF “lots of times” according to him! Dad says Lucas’ first trip was in 2008 and has been pretty regular ever since. Lucas has come to appreciate how quickly the RV-10 can travel compared to a car and dad believes the seeds of a future pilot are in the works. And when at home Lucas actually gets to spend lots of time on the runway mowing the families grass strip!

Of course we are all hosted in Homebuilt camping by Mary Jane and her crack team of volunteers and their families, with snacks and drinks all day long and hot meals in the evening. There are many interesting people with stories similar to Dukes that make the gathering so special.


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