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In recent news from RANS Aircraft, the company has announced it now has carbon-fiber wingtips for the S-7S and S-7LS. The tips weigh about 1/8 pound less per tip than the ABS thermo-formed plastic wingtips. The tips are offered as standard on the 2012 S-7LS. They are also offered as a kit option for $500 per pair if purchased separately.

RANS has re-released its instructional video on how to clear-coat Dacron aircraft covering. Dacron sailcloth is a popular covering material for many ultralight aircraft, but overexposure to sunlight diminishes its strength. Clear coating with a quality urethane  is highly recommended for longer life and improved performance. According to the company, this instructional DVD, available for $19.95, will detail how to achieve the desired finish.

RANS has also announced an increase in the gross weight of its aircraft to 1320 pounds (600 kg), the limit of the Sport Plane category. The increase applies to the following models: S-6ES, S-6ELS, S-6S, S-6LS Coyote II equipped with the Sport wing, and S-7 (1999 and up) and all S-7S and S-7LS aircraft.

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