MGL Avionics Releases Seventh Generation AHRS


Torrance, California-based MGL Avionics has just released its new generation of AHRS sensors, the SP-7 AHRS and SP-6 Compass Sensor (magnetometer). The seventh generation SP-7 AHRS (altitude sensor) can be used with all MGL Avionics products that display altitude. The core building blocks of the system include a three-axis ST MEMS rate gyroscope, a three-axis ST MEMS accelerometer and an ARM Cortex 32-bit  microprocessor system. The SP-7 allows attitude display (horizon), G-force, turn rate, and slip/skid on MGL Avionics products that allow these features.

The SP-7 can handle roll rates up to 250° per second, according to MGL, and retails for $800. The SP-6 Compass sensor is $260. The company also says the previous SP-2 and SP-4 sensors have been discontinued.

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