Brady Butterfield’s Goat 4 Glider


I made a scratch-built, ultra-light glider over the past summer as an introduction to home-built aircraft. I completed my maiden flight testing this past weekend. This is a Goat 4 Glider utilizing Yando wing modifications for the high altitudes of Utah. This aircraft is classified as an ultra-light glider with the same FAA regulations as a hang glider or paraglider. The design and flying characteristics are similar to the primary gliders of the 1930s, see Cessna CG-2. This specific glider is a design from Mike Sandlin and Alan Beavis. CAD drawings are available for free with an available Yahoo group for support and suggestions. I will be flying my glider via vehicle towing on the salt flats of Utah and I hope to eventually be proficient enough to utilize the mountains as well for possible launch sites.

The glider is constructed from T6 Aircraft tubing and is 100 % garage constructed. Everything from the seat to the vinyl roundels is made from scratch. The glider is covered by light weight Dacron and painted with an inexpensive enamel. It only took 20 weeks to build, using my evenings and weekends. I am a private pilot and this is my attempt to satisfy the cravings of my flying bug without the high costs of powered flight.

Location: United States

e-mail address: [email protected]

Discussion group:

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  1. Hi
    I am from India (Mangaluru) and have been dreaming of making a GOAT BUG … and its finally starting to take shape … Solidworks drawings in progress …from Mike Sandlins plans ..
    There is a much larger vision for the GOAT and its actually a huge blessing to have Mike offer the plans for easy download.
    I have been coming across some anomalies in the GOAT 1 drawings and also the fact experienced builders would be a huge help.
    Would you please be able to offer advice and technical help ?


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