New RADIANT Precision Altimeter App From Belite


belite precision-altimeter

RADIANT Technology released its first App for iPhone / iPad, and it’s now available in the Apple App Store for $19.99.

It’s called “Precision Altimeter,” and it provides a comprehensive set of pressure based backup instruments for any pilot, including Altimeter and Vertical Speed (VSI). Every iPhone from the 6 and up has pressure capability built in — you can take advantage with this App.

It’s also fun to play with in a car, or while hiking. It also works perfectly inside buildings and elevators, and Apple’s pressure sensor smoothly resolves to single feet increments!

An external BlueTooth sensor is optional, and opens up more capabilities like true temperature / humidity based Density Altitude. (SensorTag from Texas Instruments, $29 –Part # CC2650STK).

The video is a complete demonstration of the capabilities and features of the Precision Altimeter. You’ll also see a great demonstration of the continuous climb capabilities of the Chipper, and maybe a little bit of slightly inverted aerobatics in the background.

To find the App:

  1. You must use a compatible device, such as an iPhone 6 and up, or a recent iPad or mini.
  2. Search for “Precision Altimeter” on the App store while on your compatible device.
  3. Purchase, download, use immediately, enjoy.
  4. Interested in the optional SensorTag? You can order directly from Texas Instruments for $29. Part # CC2650STK.


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