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E-Mag Simplified Electronic Ignition Coming Soon

E-Mag, the maker of self-powered electronic ignitions, has announced the pending release of its six-cylinder model for the Lycoming (I)O-540. The six cylinder, self-powered electronic ignition will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010. Priced at $1600, this ignition boasts a significant weight savings over traditional magnetos, the company says. It provides all of the advantages of the four cylinder 114 P-mags, but with fewer moving parts. By using fewer moving parts, E-Mag has reduced the parts count of this ignition to one. Yes, you read that correctly: There is only one moving part in the new ignition.For more information, call 817-444-5310 or visit

PC-Based EFIS from Levil

The Levil EFIS-1831 series brings to the cockpit functionality that many of us have enjoyed on a desktop. The EFIS-1831 is based on the Windows XP operating system, which allows pilots to select their favorite flight packages. The three demo systems on display at AirVenture this year were running Mountain Scope, Flight Cheetah, and Levils default PDF software. With one knob and a touchscreen, the pilot can configure the layout of the screen by simply touching the screen and dragging the displays around to suit individual taste. For those who live where GPS map data is not readily available or who simply don’t want to pay for updates, the EFIS-1831 can accept map data from a number of different sources. Levil’s basic EFIS-1831 is $2700; add the engine monitor and AHRS and the price goes to $4000.For more information and an explanatory video, visit

Sensenich introduces Ground-Adjustable Composite Prop for RVs

Following on the heels of its composite ground-adjustable propellers that are paired with Rotax and Jabiru engines, Sensenich has announced a two-blade ground-adjustable composite prop for high-speed aircraft such as the Vans RV series or Glasair that use the Lycoming O-320 engine.The new prop is manufactured using an internal pressure, closed

mold system to produce a hollow, one piece blade. The blades also incorporate the company’s patent-pending I-beam construction, a process that yields repeatable blades with maximum strength, durability and low weight, according to Sensenich.This propeller features a co-cured bonded stainless-steel leading edge for protection from erosion. The two-piece hub is manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum and is either alodined or anodized. Sensenich’s Pin Hub System allows pilots to set a broad range of pitches using the systems index pins to make adjustments. The pilot simply loosens the hub clamping bolts, inserts the desired pitch pin, sets the blades against the pin, torques the mounting bolts and is ready to fly. The entire pitch change process takes less than 5 minutes, Sensenich says.The blades can be trimmed from the maximum 72-inch diameter to 68-inch diameter. Composite spinners are also available for this propeller to match up to the RV cowling. MSRP is $3750, and various color combinations are available.For more information, call 813-752-3711 or visit


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