Our Eyes in the Skies


The need to coordinate the arrival of thousands of aircraft, to manage the airshow flow, and maintain separation on the Lake Parker arrivals demands a lot of preparation and attention by pilots as well as the skills of dozens of our friendly aviation agency’s top performers, the men and women of the Air Traffic Service. Every year they excel at soothing the nerves of anxious aviators, hand-holding those short-sighted souls who, for whatever reasons, fail to obtain and use the Sun ‘n Fun NOTAM, and generally making life as easy as possible given the high-density nature of the flow and the extreme mix of performance ranges of the machines soaring into the Lakeland airspace.

We thought it worth it to show a few of them in a relaxed moment and say, “Thanks.” So, well, thanks! As the event draws to a close, we can attest to another job well done.

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