Rockwell BenchJaws Introduced


2012-07-23 11.10.08The new Rockwell BenchJaws delivers hands-free clamping right from the workbench. The jaws are foot-pedal activated, leaving the operator’s hands free to handle the workpiece. It mounts to a corner of a workbench through a steel, L-shaped plate. This two-position mount allows for 90 degree rotation.

With each stroke of the foot pedal, the jaws close by 3/4 of an inch. This pumping action compresses the jaws until the workpiece is secured. The jaws measure 6  7/8 x 1  7/8 inches and have a face plate constructed of non-marring polyurethane.

BenchJaws is constructed of heavy gauge, powder-coated steel for strength and rigidity, Rockwell says. The 22-pound workstation has a clamping range of 0-16 inches and supports loads up to 220 pounds. The vise generates up to 2200 pounds (one metric ton) of clamping force.

The list price is $99.99.

For more information,visit, or call 866/514-ROCK (7625).


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