Sonex Says SubSonex Jet Ready To Resume Testing


Sonex’s jet is to resume testing after AirVenture this year now that is has a tricycle-style landing gear in place of the monowheel/sailplane-style gear arrangement it was originally designed with.

According to the company, “Following a series of initial high-speed taxi tests, the Sonex Aircraft Hornets’ Nest Research and Development team determined that a review and modification of the aircraft design was necessary to achieve acceptable handling qualities for the average pilot. Due to the increased power offered by the new PBS TJ-100 engine selected for the SubSonex, it was determined that a tricycle gear configuration would be needed to increase yaw stability on the ground in the transition phase approaching takeoff speeds.”

The single-seat jet has a 750-pound maximum gross weight, is said to weigh 330 pounds empty. The engine has up to 200 pounds of thrust. It has 60 square feet of wing.

For more information, visit the company’s website.

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