Sun N Fun News: More Products!


The Cole Clarifier from OneWink LLC is a magnifier disk that greatly improves a pilots ability to precisely read and set the altimeter under less than ideal flight conditions. Developed by a doctor who had trouble setting his own altimeter during ILS approaches to minimums, this device attaches to the instruments glass permanently over the Kollsman window. FAA approved for certified aircraft, cost is $150.00.


A traditional problem with using high-power automotive engines in aircraft has been getting the crankshaft speed slowed down reliably enough to where propellers are comfortable without sacrificing engine power. A new line of Propeller Speed Reduction Units (PSRUs) from GearedDrives.Com claims to have this solved, with their 63 pound, oil pressurized units that also serve as the front motor mount. Designed with 200 to 400 hp engines in mind, the company has tested its PSRUs extensively on its own V-8 powered Express aircraft with stunning performance results. The redrive is currently priced at $8,900.

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Rick Lindstrom
Rick Lindstrom has been fascinated with motorized devices since the disassembly of his mom’s Kirby vacuum when he was 3, predictably followed by record player motors and lawnmower engines. After he learned to fly, it was only natural that he gravitated to the world of alternative aircraft engines. He currently pilots a Corvair-powered Zenith and is undecided about what will power his GlaStar.


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