Super Legend Early Bird Pricing Ends July 31


The Super Legend incorporates modern materials, avionics, powerplant and ergonomics. New carbon-fiber, body-conforming molded seats make sitting in the aircraft extremely comfortable. Providing access to remote areas is what Cubs do best. Getting all your stuff there is now much easier with a folding rear seat. There’s also a newly added external baggage door. An Alaska edition with extended baggage area, baggage tubes for carrying fishing poles and firearms is also in the works. Equipped with a Night VFR avionics suite from either Dynon or Garmin, getting out and back to your secret destination will also be much easier.

According to Dick Parsons, a current Legend owner, “A new Legend Aircraft just takes all the hassle away from owning a classic. Being a new plane, with a new engine and avionics, a 12-month spinner to tail warranty, you are not worried about the next annual, compression checks, or when the fabric needs to be replaced. I can just fly with confidence. And because it’s an SLSA, you don’t have to worry about a medical, he added.

The introductory price of $139,900 for a new Super Legend runs through July 31. After that, a fully configured Super Legend is expected to cost around $180,000. Orders for the new Super Legend will be accepted at AirVenture Oshkosh from July 25 to 31, 2011. Legend’s display is located on James May Blvd, Booth 38, across from the forums and workshops. For those that can’t make Oshkosh, call or email to the factory today for your custom configuration.

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Mary Bernard
Mary Bernard - The product of two parents with Lockheed Aerospace careers, Mary grew up with aviation, prompting her to pursue pilot training as an adult. Her father, a talented tool-and-die maker and planner, instilled in her an abiding interest in how things are built. For more than a decade, she has been a contributing writer and Managing Editor for KITPLANES®.


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