TCW Technologies Introduces IBBS Charger


TCW Technologies debuted its IBBS-Intelligent Backup Battery System-last year to the sound of thanks and praise by builders wanting to outfit their EFISes with external backup power. The system is a remote-mount box with a battery and sophisticated charging and power-switching circuitry, allowing for automatic backup of flight-critical electrical items.

Now with the AC Plug-In Charger, TCW makes it possible to keep the IBBS battery recharged without tapping current from the airplane’s main battery. (In the normal IBBS installation, a wire is connected to an “always hot” terminal to trickle-charge the battery, but this can over time deplete the main ship’s battery.) Offered at $105, the PIC connects via the supplied circular connector feeding the IBBS, plugs into an AC outlet, and maintains the IBBS’s charge state without impact on the aircraft battery.

For more information, visit TCW’s website.


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