Team Rocket Finds a New Home

Team Rocket CEO Vince Frazier and his F1 Rocket.
Team Rocket’s new manufacturing facility in Cutler, Indiana.

Team Rocket, the manufacturer of the F1 Rocket kit aircraft, is moving from its home in Mt. Vernon, Indiana to a larger and better equipped facility 200 miles away in Cutler, Indiana. Team Rocket’s former facility was located in a former chicken house, with limited space and a low ceiling height. Rocket CEO, Vince Frazier, decided it was time to move as he retired from his career as an instrument specialist with the University of Southern Indiana and and he needed increased production capacity because of healthy sales.

Frazier and the new tapered F1 Wing.

Vince and his wife settled on building a facility in Cutler, Indiana, where they have family. The new facility, specially built for Team Rocket’s needs, has over 4,000 square feet of space and specially designed doors to make material handling more efficient. Frazier also anticipates increased production capacity will be necessary as his revolutionary new tapered wing gets ready for shipment. The end result will be room to grow in a growing market for the F1 Rocket.


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