Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers for Lycoming Engines


McFarlane Cleaning Reamers

McFarlane offers special reamers in the necessary sizes to clean your Lycoming engine exhaust valve guides per Lycoming Service Instruction 1425A. The McFarlane cleaning reamers have a pilot the same size as the valve stem. This properly sized pilot forces the reamer cutter to start straight and follow the correct valve stem path through the guide hole. Finally, a tool that is designed for the job!

  • Discounted pricing for a complete set: Part Number VGR-LC-KT
  • Spiral flutes for a better guide finish
  • Pilot sized specifically for cleaning
  • Cutting pilot cleans guides without notching guide surfaces
  • Constructed of precision ground, high speed tool steel

For more information, go to Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers.

Maintenance Tip:
Lycoming suggests using ordinary cup grease on the flutes of the reamer to remove deposits with the reamer rather than allowing the deposits to fall into the cylinder.


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