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Dual Electronics Debuts ADS-B Unit

Dual Electronics Corporation debuted the XGPS170 unit, which provides ADS-B weather data to electronic-flight bag (EFB) apps on iPad and Android tablets.

The palm-sized XGPS170 receiver works with several apps, including WingX Pro7 from Hilton Software, EFB from GlobalNavSource, i1000 from Digital Sectional and others. Included in the box is a 12-28 volt charging adapter and a non-skid pad for holding the unit on a cockpit glareshield. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to 5 hours of continuous use. The receiver also features a detachable ADS-B antenna, allowing pilots to connect the receiver directly to an external antenna, if the aircraft is so equipped. The XGPS170 will receive the ADS-B broadcast in the area covered by the FAA. The GPS feature of the XGPS170 will work anywhere in the world. The price for the unit is $799.

For more information, call 866/382-5476, or visit www.xgps170.dualav.com.

Garmin Introduces GDL 39

Garmin’s new GDL 39 receiver features ADS-B “In” datalink technology that allows it to receive free Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather information over the FAA’s 978 MHz Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) uplink. The weather information includes NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, PIREPs and NOTAMs on a compatible Garmin aviation portable or through the Garmin Pilot app on an iPad or Android device.

The GDL 39 can also receive ADS-B position reports directly from other aircraft in the vicinity. Because the FAA permits ADS-B broadcasts on two frequencies (978 UAT and 1090 ES), the unit contains both receivers so you can get a comprehensive view of all ADS-B “Out” equipped targets.

With built-in Bluetooth capability, the GDL 39 can wirelessly send the data it collects to compatible apps like Garmin Pilot. The unit’s MSRP is $799.

For more information, call 913/397-8200, or visit www.garmin.com/aviation.

Approach Fast Stack Pro-X Hub

The new Approach Fast Stack Pro-X hub and pre-fabricated cables can simplify the task of wiring the sophisticated electronics that make up a typical IFR flight-capable panel. The Garmin-compatible stack and accompanying cables eliminate wire clutter behind panels and help the builder to organize the avionics installation, simplifying maintenance down the line. The Pro-X hub alone lists for $589.

For more information, call 218/237-7825, or visit www.approachfaststack.com.

Dynon Premiers D1 Pocket Panel

Dynon’s new handheld EFIS, called the D1 Pocket Panel, will snap into any airplane without special tools, and the technology is based on the company’s popular line of SkyView EFISes. The D1 measures about 3.5×3.25×1 inches and can be mounted one of three ways: a RAM suction mount, a pinch mount (both included) or with Velcro.

Features include MEMS-based (microelectromechanical) sensors, accurate pitch and roll for a true artificial horizon, GPS ground speed and track (heading), GPS altitude and vertical speed, turn rate and slip/skid ball. The D1 uses an attitude heading and reference system (AHRS) and a combination of solid-state accelerometers and gyros.

Accessories include an AC wall charger, a DC vehicle charger, two mounts and an external GPS antenna for when the location of the mounted unit prohibits a clear-sky view for good satellite reception. The price is $1425.

For more information, call 425/402-0433, or visit www.dynonavionics.com.

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