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Windblade Introduces Inogen Aviator G2-1050

Windblade Corporation announces the release of the Inogen Aviator G2-1050, an in-flight oxygen concentrator for use in general aviation aircraft. The G2-1050 replaces heavy oxygen bottles and provides an unlimited supply of oxygen without the need to ever refill an O2 bottle.

This unit is provides an additional 17% oxygen output over the current Aviator system, concentrating oxygen from ambient air for a single user up to 17,999 feet by stripping nitrogen and storing the O2 for on-demand use on the fly, according to the company. The G2-1050 meets FAA guidelines for supplemental oxygen and is also approved for use during all phases of a flight.

Other features include:

•12–32 VDC power converter
•AC power supply (for operating the unit or charging the batteries)
•Weighs only 7.25 pounds (with battery)
• LCD user interface with continual self-diagnostics
• Three-year warranty

The Inogen Aviator G2-1050 with 12-cell battery is priced at $2,795.

For more information, call 805/448-5289, or visit www.inogenaviator.com.

Progressive Aerodyne to Offer Factory-Built SeaRey

Progressive Aerodyne, which has been manufacturing kits for the SeaRey two-place amphibian homebuilt for more than 20 years, has announced that it passed the FAA Light Sport Prototype audit and obtained an airworthiness certificate from the Orlando MIDO office in November. “We will carry on the legacy of the beloved SeaRey in the production airplane,” said Kerry Richter, president of Progressive Aerodyne, Inc.

The company will start production of the compliant airplane immediately to meet market demand. New factory-built airplanes will be delivered to customers who place a deposit in coming months. Progressive Aerodyne is committed to making a continuous effort to provide customers with the high-quality SeaRey and its proven performance by strictly following the ASTM standards and FAA regulations, said CEO Adam Yang.

Prices for the certified model have not yet been announced.

For more information, call 352/253-0108, or visit www.searey.com.

Dynon Ships New ADS-B “In” Weather and Traffic Receiver for SkyView

Dynon Avionics is shipping the SV-ADSB-470 UAT Band Traffic and Weather Receiver for its SkyView EFISes. It is a permanently mounted ADS-B “In” solution.

The remotely mounted receiver module integrates with the SkyView system to provide access to weather and traffic information on top of the navigational information SkyView already provides. It is powered directly from aircraft power and uses an externally mounted antenna (not included) for improved performance.

All information displayed is free with no monthly subscriptions, based on the FAA’s ADS-B broadcast in the U.S. Weather is displayed graphically and textually on SkyView and includes NEXRAD radar, METARs and TAFS. Airport weather data can be chosen based on nearest or by airport identifier.

When paired with an ADS-B “Out”-capable SV-XPNDR-26X Mode-S transponder, the SV-ADSB-470 receives a full traffic portrait from the FAA ADS-B system including all ADS-B and radar targets the FAA can detect.

The SV-ADSB-470 is suitable for use only in the U.S., as it receives data via the U.S.-only 978 MHz UAT frequency. It will not receive traffic, weather or TFRs in other countries. The price is $995.

For more information on the SV-ADSB-470, call 425/402-0433, or visit www.DynonAvionics.com.


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