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Spruce Offers Web-Based Panel Planner

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has introduced the Aircraft Spruce Panel Builder, an online tool that allows builders to plan their panel from a single source. Using drop-down menus, builders can search Aircraft Spruces inventory of avionics and instruments by category. The Panel Builder will display everything needed to complete a panel, whether the builder intends to build it or have Aircraft Spruce produce one thats ready to install. Panel Builder will readily provide quotations on any variations in the panel that the builder wishes to consider, and then avionics specialists will work with the builder to finalize the layout, provide a final quote and estimate production time.

For more information or to access the Panel Builder, call 1-877-SPRUCE or visit Aircraft Spruce.

Personalized Wheel Chocks

Personalized Wheel ChocksIf you’re looking for the perfect accessory for an aviation enthusiast, consider Thunderbird Aviations personalized wheel chocks and flight bag. The wheel chocks come in four different colors-red, blue, black and silver-and are personalized with the aircrafts N number CNC engraved on them. The chocks are made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish, which makes them both light and durable. They come with a black carrying case that is also personalized with the planes N number. Also available is a flight bag that can be personalized with an N number for no additional charge.

The wheel chocks and carrying bag are $49.95, and the flight bag is $19.95. For more information, contact Thunderbird at 586/468-8444 or visit Thunderbird Aviation.

Flexible TIG Welding Kits

Flexible TIG Welding KitsWeldcraft has announced its new AK-150 and AK-225 MFC (modular flex complete) kits, which are designed so that welders can customize specific TIG torches into multiple configurations. There are options for both air- and water-cooled TIG torches. The MFC kits help reduce downtime from changing out torches and also minimize the costs associated with purchasing and inventorying extra parts.

The AK-150 MFC kit converts a standard WP-17 series air-cooled torch into 28 different torch styles while still using the existing cable; the AK-225 kit converts a single WP-255 water-cooled torch package into five additional styles. Both kits include collet bodies, nozzles, torch heads and other accessories needed to create the custom torch configurations.

For more information on prices and distributors, call 920/882-6800, or visit Weldcraft.

Windshield Faring for RV, Dimmers

Britta WindshieldsBritta Imports has announced its windshield faring for the popular line of RV-6, -7, and -9 kit aircraft. It is designed as a full-size, one-piece windscreen fairing for the RV models using the slider canopy option. The fairing simplifies the process of securing the windscreen to the aircraft during the construction process, the company says. The fairing is built from epoxy resin and multiple layers of heavy fiberglass cloth. Generously sized to allow for custom trimming, the fairing is contoured for a good fit. The price is $499.

Britta DimersAlso from Britta are two new light dimmers for use with instrument panel or utility lighting in Experimental aircraft. There is a single-channel model (12VDimmer01) and a two-channel model (12VDimmer02). Both use pulse wave modulation electronic design for precise control of LED lighting. They’re rated at 18 watts per channel and sell for $29.95 to $45.95.

For more information, call 214/616-9228 or visit PilotLights.

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