Zenith Aircraft Workshops at DeLand


Zenith Aircraft Company is returning to the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase with kit aircraft assembly demonstrations and its popular hands-on workshop sessions.

At the Zenith Aircraft workshop tent at the DeLand Showcase in Florida, November 14 -16, visitors can learn more about modern light aircraft assembly and construction as Zenith staff will demonstrate the actual assembly of one of its latest kit aircraft designs, the high-wing STOL CH 750 Super Duty sport utility aircraft.

On Thursday, November 14, Zenith staff and volunteers will provide an overview of the fuselage / cabin assembly of the all-metal STOL CH 750 aircraft kit, putting together the entire fuselage to demonstrate the ease of assembly made possible with final hole size match-drilled assemblies. Visitors are welcome to observe and participate in the fuselage assembly demonstration, and Zenith Aircraft staff will be on hand to answer any additional questions about building and flying your own Zenith.

Starting on Friday morning, November 15, Zenith is bringing its hands-on kit aircraft building workshop to the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase in sunny Florida. The workshop is for the first-time airplane builder, and has become popular with sport aviation enthusiasts who are considering to build their own aircraft and are unsure if they have the required skills, workspace and tools. During the workshop each participant builds and assembles their own Zenith aircraft rudder tail section from a standard kit, and concludes on Saturday, November 16. Also on Saturday, Zenith staff will provide additional educational demonstrations on light aircraft construction and assembly.

In the process of building the rudder assembly, participants tackle many activities including learning how to read drawings (blueprints) and work with  assembly instructions (manuals) under the expert guidance of factory staff. They learn the procedures for putting together an aircraft assembly, including drilling and blind riveting. In the end, they have an assembled rudder that is ready to install on a Zenith kit airplane.

“The rest of the kit is constructed the same way as the rudder using the same tools,” said Sebastien Heintz, president of Zenith Aircraft Company. “People get far more out of the workshop than just a rudder. They go home with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to finish an airplane. Most importantly, they learn that building is easy, enjoyable and something that can engage the whole family. Many of our prospective builders bring their spouses or other family member, who often encourage them to move forward with the rest of the kit. With modern technology and good instructions, aircraft construction has become much easier than most people imagine.”

The hands-on workshop is an excellent way to learn about building your own amateur-built aircraft and about the many advantages of owning and flying an airplane that you’ve built yourself. Kit aircraft is a segment of general aviation that is growing while much of general aviation continues to decline. For many, building an aircraft (from a kit) is a very rewarding experience, and today’s modern kits make it easier and quicker to build than even before.
Standard workshop fees are $375 (or $425 for the CH 750 Super Duty model) and include the complete rudder kit for a Zenith aircraft. Additional helpers are encouraged to attend and can participate for free.

To learn more about the workshop program, visit www.zenithair.com or call Zenith Aircraft directly: 573-581-9000 (Mon–Fri, 8–5 Central). Prior registration is required for the rudder workshop.

Visit the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase website for details about the aviation showcase.

Next workshop dates at the Zenith Aircraft kit factory (in Mexico, Missouri): November 21 & 22 and December 12 & 13, 2019. More information.


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