2010 Rotorcraft Buyer’s Guide


Welcome to the final airframe-based buyers guide of the new year, dedicated to kit- and plansbuilt rotorcraft-a holdall classification that includes traditional helicopters and gyroplanes alike. A few notes about this years crop. For fixed-wing aircraft, we segregate designs built from kits and those available as plans only, but they’re happily together here as rotorcraft. To avoid confusion, understand that the Aircraft Designs Bumble Bee and Sportster, the Little Wing Autogyros LW-3, LW-4 and LW-5, and the Vortech Hot Rod all are plans-only designs. While we have no additions to report-though we always welcome news of startup or revived designs (send a note to [email protected])-there are a couple of deletions this year. We were unable to reach Barnett Rotorcraft, so its two designs, the J4B-2 and BRC540 Coupe, are not listed. Finally, remember that only autogyros can be legally flown by Sport Pilots; pure helicopters are not considered Light Sport Aircraft.


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