2020 Propeller Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right prop.


Propellers are a very necessary‭ ‬part of our airplane’s relationship with its operating medium‭. ‬Obviously‭, ‬a powerplant is the heart of the plane’s ability to sustain flight‭, ‬but without the propeller the engine is just so much dead weight‭ (‬jets notwithstanding‭). ‬And picking the right prop to transfer the engine’s power to forward motion is critical‭. ‬

Propeller making is as much art as science‭, ‬so‭ ‬finding just the right combination of material‭, ‬pitch‭, ‬blade length and count‭, ‬and‭, ‬if necessary‭, ‬mechanisms for adjustment and control‭, ‬can take some doing‭. ‬Ask any assembly of builders to name‭ ‬their favorite prop supplier and you’ll often get‭ ‬disparate responses of worshipful praise‭. ‬Each one thinks his propeller maker is the best one out there‭, ‬even though it may have‭ ‬taken two or three attempts to fine-tune his present propeller‭.‬

Certified or Non?

Selecting your propeller begins with making the‭ ‬choice of going with FAA-certified or non-certified installations‭. ‬If you’re using a certified engine in your homebuilt‭, ‬you may want to stick with a certified prop‭, ‬reducing the Phase 1‭ ‬test hours over‭ ‬the time required if using a non-certified propeller‭; ‬even if your engine is a bone-stock Continental or Lycoming‭, ‬using an uncertified prop requires your homebuilt to undergo extra test flying‭.‬

Determine if the propeller type you have in mind will fit on your engine‭. ‬Simple fixed-pitch propellers aren’t so simple‭; ‬instead‭, ‬each installation has to be optimized for the intended operating parameters‭, ‬and if no pitch adjustment is‭ ‬possible‭, ‬a compromise must be struck between takeoff and climb performance or high-speed cruising flight‭. ‬You can’t just bolt on a propeller you happen to find lying around and expect it to work‭. ‬Such empirical experimentation will result in‭ ‬a lot of high-speed runs up and down the runway‭, ‬and maybe some scary moments eking out enough climb to get around the airport‭.‬

To avoid this‭, ‬look at propeller specs on successfully-flying airplanes that share your engine type and speed range‭, ‬then use something similar on your plane‭. ‬Or‭, ‬you can order a custom-made propeller matched to your engine’s power output and torque‭ ‬curve‭, ‬along with the design airspeed expected‭. ‬Thrust is the objective‭, ‬not just rpm‭. ‬Static rpm is a starting point‭, ‬but thrust equals performance‭. ‬

Sensenich Propeller Co.

Propeller Numbers

Basic propeller design incorporates two specifications‭; ‬tip-to-tip diameter and blade pitch‭. ‬The propeller’s‭ ‬span is physically restricted by the need for ground clearance in a level takeoff or landing attitude‭, ‬taking into account the worst-case tire deflation and‭ ‬landing gear compression scenarios‭. ‬If enough rpm can be generated‭, ‬a too-long propeller will begin to encounter tip speeds approaching transonic velocity‭, ‬which results in both a loss of efficiency and‭ ‬excessive noise‭. ‬Tip speeds beyond 80%‭ ‬of Mach 1‭ ‬have little effect on thrust‭. ‬A prop that’s too short‭, ‬on the other hand‭, ‬can’t deliver as much thrust from its smaller propeller disc‭. ‬

Propeller pitch is a theoretical measurement of how far the prop can advance into air during one revolution‭, ‬usually expressed in inches‭. ‬A propeller shaped to provide 60-inches of pitch would screw its way into solid air and pull itself five feet forward‭,‬‭ ‬given perfect efficiency that’s unattainable in the real world‭. ‬The best propeller designs‭ ‬can approach 90%‭ ‬efficiency‭, ‬however‭. ‬Because the blade’s profile shape is twisted progressively from root to tip‭, ‬the specified pitch is usually measured at 75%‭ ‬of the blade length‭. ‬

The Sensenich W72CK42‭ ‬propeller decorating the wall of my man-cave has a tip-to-tip length of 72‭ ‬inches and a pitch of 42‭ ‬inches‭. ‬Its lovely wood laminations and brass leading edge guards are beautiful examples of propeller-making artistry‭. ‬While wood props aren’t quite as efficient as metal or composite models‭, ‬they are cheaper and provide natural vibration damping‭. ‬Aluminum is durable‭, ‬but heavier and easily chipped‭. ‬Composite‭, ‬or composite-coated wood‭, ‬propellers combine lightness with stiffness‭, ‬at greater cost‭.‬

Going to a three-blade or four-blade propeller‭ ‬doesn’t necessarily achieve any gain in performance‭, ‬other than for a bit more thrust during takeoff‭. ‬In fact‭, ‬extra blades are LESS efficient than a simple two-blade prop‭, ‬all other things being equal‭. ‬Careful design work can offset some of the inherent loss created by adding a blade‭, ‬but the purpose of most three-blade installations is to reduce the blade length while preserving thrust‭. ‬Three blades also change the noise signature to a less-annoying frequency and can help with smoothness‭. ‬However‭, ‬with higher horsepower ratings‭, ‬extra blades are necessary to transfer the engine power into useful thrust‭.‬

Fortunately‭, ‬there are a lot of well-established propeller suppliers out there‭, ‬ready to help you get the right prop on your homebuilt‭. ‬Following is the latest information we have on each company‭, ‬along with a listing of contact data to put you in touch with them‭.‬

Certified Propeller Manufacturers

GT Propellers

GT Propellers is an Italy-based supplier of EASA-certified wood and composite fixed-pitch‭, ‬ground-adjustable and constant-speed‭ ‬propellers‭, ‬started in 1969‭ ‬by the Tonini brothers‭. ‬Collaboration with‭ ‬Technam Aircraft began in the early‭ ‬1990s‭. ‬Over 30,000‭ ‬GT propellers have been produced‭, ‬with over 200‭ ‬variations available‭. ‬Many of GT’s models comply with EASA 21P standards‭. ‬

GT Propellers are built in two to‭ ‬six-blade configurations‭, ‬but most of its LSA and light airplane props‭, ‬suitable‭ ‬for up 110‭ ‬hp‭, ‬are of two and three‭-‬blade varieties‭, ‬using monolithic carbon technology with a metal leading-edge protector strip‭. ‬

Hartzell Propeller‭, ‬Inc‭.‬

Hartzell Propeller, Inc.

Hartzell’s involvement with aircraft propellers dates back over 100‭ ‬years‭, ‬when the Hartzell and Wright families were near neighbors in Dayton‭, ‬Ohio‭. ‬From its beginnings with walnut fixed-pitch props‭, ‬Hartzell now supplies‭ ‬constant-speed‭ ‬propellers for a myriad of installations‭.‬

Hartzell Propeller offers a wide variety of propellers for the experimental and homebuilt market‭. ‬It is the leading provider of‭ ‬constant-speed‭, ‬variable‭- ‬pitch propellers to the global kit airplane community‭. ‬Hartzell’s props are compatible with a wide range of engines‭ ‬and are available with both metal‭ ‬and composite blades‭. ‬Continuing to innovate and bring new technology to market‭, ‬Hartzell has recently added a three-blade‭ ‬“Raptor‭*‬”‭ ‬hub propeller to its lineup of E/A-B products‭, ‬offering higher performance and weight savings‭. ‬

The latest product introduced by‭ ‬Hartzell is a new three-blade composite Pathfinder propeller optimized for‭ ‬backcountry operation‭, ‬developed in‭ ‬conjunction with CubCrafters and Lycoming‭. ‬At only 44‭ ‬pounds‭, ‬it provides a lightweight three-blade alternative to the‭ ‬Trailblazer series‭.

McCauley Propeller Systems

McCauley Propellers became a wholly-owned division of Cessna Aircraft back‭ ‬in 1960‭, ‬a relationship that continues today under the Textron Aviation umbrella‭. ‬McCauley Propeller Systems‭ ‬is headquartered in Wichita‭, ‬Kansas‭, ‬but propeller production takes place in Columbus‭, ‬Georgia‭.‬

McCauley has 350,000‭ ‬propellers in‭ ‬service‭, ‬with over 500‭ ‬models available‭. ‬In addition to its aluminum fixed-pitch and constant-speed propellers‭, ‬McCauley makes composite props as large as the five-blade Black-Mac Carbon unit that will be on Cessna’s new Denali turboprop‭.‬



Based in Germany‭, ‬MT’s propellers‭ ‬are supported in North America by a Deland‭, ‬Florida‭, ‬service center‭. ‬MT‭-‬Propeller has long provided props‭ ‬for Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft‭, ‬as well as certified propellers for airplanes with up to 5000‭ ‬installed horsepower‭.‬

Most of MT’s propeller blades are‭ ‬of‭ ‬“natural composite”‭ ‬construction‭, ‬using a composite structure applied to a wood core‭, ‬hydraulically controlled for constant-speed and reversing functions‭. ‬Up to six blades can be fitted in MT-Propeller hub systems‭, ‬and an ultra‭-‬quiet nine-blade MT propeller system‭ ‬has been flown on a Piper Cheyenne test‭ ‬bed airplane‭. ‬The latest MT approvals‭ ‬are five-blade propellers for the Quest Kodiak and Cessna 441‭ ‬aircraft‭.‬

Sensenich Propeller Co‭.‬

Sensenich Propeller Co.

Sensenich propellers were born in the heart of the Great Depression in 1932‭, ‬and the original company headquarters is still located near Lancaster‭, ‬Pennsylvania‭, ‬where the firm began‭. ‬Its wood and composite propeller products now‭ ‬come from a Plant City‭, ‬Florida‭, ‬division‭, ‬while Sensenich’s metal propellers are built in Lititz‭, ‬PA‭. ‬The company supplies propellers for both certified and Experimental-category aircraft‭.‬

Announced at AirVenture 2019‭, ‬Sensenich has created a whole new line of ground-adjustable composite props‭, ‬swept-tip two and three-blade units that are designed for the O-320‭/‬O-360‭ ‬installations in Van’s RV airplanes‭. ‬The two-blade propellers are 68-72‭ ‬inches‭ ‬in diameter‭, ‬while the three-blade‭ ‬props are of 64-68‭ ‬inch diameter‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬a two-blade 74-76‭ ‬inch diameter Pitts propeller is available‭, ‬and a big 78-82‭ ‬inch thruster for STOL airplanes‭ (‬Bearhawk‭, ‬Super Cub‭, ‬RANS‭, ‬Zenith‭) ‬was introduced‭. ‬In both of‭ ‬the latter cases‭, ‬three-blade units were under development‭. ‬Bonded leading‭ ‬edges and Sensenich’s unique pitch‭-‬setting gauge are standard‭.‬

Certified Propellers

CompanyDate FoundedConstructionHorsepower Range
GT Propellers1969Wood and composite30 to 2500 hp
Via del Commercio 7, 47838 Riccione (RN) Italy | +39 0541 69 33 99
Hartzell Propeller, Inc.1917Metal and compositeUp to 2180 hp
One Propeller Place, Piqua, OH 45356 | 800-942-7767
McCauley Propeller Systems1938Metal and composite100 to 1200 hp
10511 East Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67206 | 800-621-7767
MT-Propeller USA, Inc.1981Natural compositeUp to 5000 hp
1180 Airport Terminal Dr, Deland, FL 32724 | 386-736-7762
Sensenich Wood Propeller Co.1932Wood and composite50 to 275 hp
2008 Wood Ct, Plant City, FL 33563 | 813-752-3711
Sensenich Propeller Mfg. Co. Inc.1932Metal65 to 200 hp
14 Citation Ln, Lititz, PA 17543 | 717-569-0435

Non-Certified Propellers

Airmaster Propellers‭, ‬Ltd‭.‬

Airmaster Propellers, Ltd.

Airmaster Propellers‭, ‬based in New‭ ‬Zealand‭, ‬has a broad range of electrically-controlled constant-speed propellers for experimental and ultralight-type aircraft‭. ‬The company’s two and three-blade hubs hold a variety of blade styles‭, ‬although Airmaster builds no blades‭ ‬of its own‭, ‬preferring to offer complete propeller systems in collaboration with existing blade manufacturers like Warp Drive‭, ‬Kiev‭, ‬WhirlWind and Sensenich‭.‬

Airmaster’s unique mode selector‭ ‬allows the pilot to dial in preset takeoff‭, ‬climb and cruise pitch settings‭, ‬after which it holds the desired rpm with little interaction required‭. ‬There‭ ‬are several U.S‭. ‬resellers of Airmaster‭ ‬prop systems‭, ‬including Custom Flight Creations‭, ‬The Airplane Factory‭, ‬Kitfox LLC‭, ‬RANS Aircraft‭, ‬Kaolin Aviation Services and Arion Aircraft‭.‬

Arrowprop Company

Oklahoma-based Arrowprop is now primarily a supplier of composite propellers for ultralight and small experimental airplanes of‭ ‬up to 100‭ ‬hp‭, ‬although its former wood props are still available for special orders‭. ‬The firm makes propellers up to 72‭ ‬inches in diameter and has been in business since 1961‭.‬

Bolly Aviation

Bolly Propellers of Virginia‭, ‬South‭ ‬Australia‭, ‬began as a premier supplier of wood and composite propellers for radio-control model airplanes‭, ‬before‭ ‬branching out into full-size aircraft‭. ‬Bolly specializes in ground-adjustable‭ ‬propellers of carbon-fiber blade construction‭. ‬Its Optima Series props are‭ ‬available in five models of increasing horsepower ratings‭, ‬using two‭, ‬three‭, ‬and four-blade hub styles‭.‬

Catto Propellers

Catto Propellers

Craig Catto began building two and‭ ‬three-blade fixed-pitch propellers in‭ ‬1974‭, ‬for a variety of non-certified applications‭. ‬Catto propellers use a wood core encapsulated in a structural composite overlay‭. ‬The firm has received ASTM certification to allow Light Sport category aircraft to be equipped with Catto‭ ‬props‭. ‬A durable electro-formed nickel leading edge for the blades is available as an option‭.‬

Competition Aircraft‭, ‬Inc‭.‬

Competition Aircraft of Grass Valley‭, ‬California‭, ‬has been building its‭ ‬Ultra-Prop line of ground-adjustable‭ ‬composite props since 1984‭, ‬with some‭ ‬1800‭ ‬props in service‭. ‬The original‭ ‬Ultra-Prop line is comprised of 59-inch diameter models for ultralights‭, ‬trikes‭, ‬gyrocopters and powered parachutes‭, ‬with engines of up to 50‭ ‬hp‭. ‬The larger‭ ‬Ultra-Prop II is a carbon-fiber reinforced propeller for applications of 25‭ ‬hp per blade at 2500‭ ‬rpm‭, ‬allowing it to be used on engines up to 100‭ ‬hp‭; ‬about 300‭ ‬Ultra-Prop IIs had been supplied as‭ ‬of this writing‭. ‬The two-to-four blade Ultra-Prop II’s‭  ‬have a diameter of 66‭ ‬inches‭, ‬while the five and six-blade models are 67‭ ‬and 671/2‭ ‬inches overall‭.‬

Culver Props

Culver Props

Culver Props‭, ‬now owned by Valley‭ ‬Engineering in Rolla‭, ‬Missouri‭, ‬has‭ ‬been around since 1983‭; ‬it was purchased from the original owners in‭ ‬2000‭ ‬to complement Valley Engineering’s line of ultralight and small Experimental/Amateur-Built airplanes‭. ‬The‭ ‬company has expanded into new temporary quarters‭, ‬while awaiting construction of a new‭ ‬“dream shop”‭ ‬to handle increased business‭. ‬

Culver’s two-blade fixed-pitch props can be furnished for engines up to 300‭ ‬hp‭, ‬using laminated maple‭, ‬mahogany‭, ‬birch and cherry woods‭. ‬Culver Props‭ ‬are also popular for WW-I and similar‭ ‬replica antique aircraft‭, ‬even including‭ ‬period-correct scimitar shapes‭, ‬and it‭ ‬furnishes props for wall-décor purposes.

DUC Hélices

DUC Hélices

France-based DUC Hélices opened a subsidiary‭, ‬DUC Propellers USA‭, ‬in Sebring‭, ‬Florida‭, ‬to better‭ ‬serve the North American market for its propeller and rotor products‭. ‬DUC’s‭ ‬forged-carbon composite propellers‭ ‬are European Aviation Safety Agency‭ ‬‭(‬EASA‭) ‬certified‭, ‬suitable for ultralight and experimental aircraft up to 140‭ ‬hp‭. ‬Its‭ ‬“Swirl”‭ ‬propellers are designed to‭ ‬give a constant-speed effect for high‭-‬speed aircraft‭, ‬while the‭ ‬“Windspoon”‭ ‬models are designed for slower airspeeds‭. ‬At Aero Friedrichshafen 2018‭, ‬DUC‭ ‬Hlightweight constant-speed propeller‭, ‬a three-blade hydraulically-operated unit under development‭. ‬Weighing only 6.2‭ ‬kg‭ (‬13.6‭ ‬pounds‭), ‬it is primarily aimed at Rotax 9-series engines‭.‬

GSC Systems

Located in Vernon‭, ‬British Columbia‭, ‬Canada‭, ‬GSC Systems has a 35-year history of producing wood propellers for trikes‭, ‬powered‭ ‬parachutes and powered paragliders‭. ‬The company offers fixed-pitch propellers‭, ‬which are preferred for direct-drive installations‭, ‬and Tech II and Tech III ground-adjustable props in two and three-blade configurations‭. ‬Diameters are available from 32‭ ‬to 72‭ ‬inches‭. ‬Only clear Eastern maple is‭ ‬used‭, ‬laminated and CNC shaped‭, ‬then coated with automotive urethane‭.‬

Hoffman Propeller‭, ‬GmbH

A German manufacturer of wood composite propellers for all types of aircraft‭, ‬from general aviation airplanes to dirigibles‭, ‬Hoffman Propeller was founded‭ ‬in 1955‭. ‬For airplanes‭, ‬Hoffmann‭ ‬offers fixed-pitch‭, ‬ground-adjustable‭ ‬and hydraulically-controlled HO-V‭ ‬series constant-speed models‭, ‬in two‭- ‬or‭ ‬three-blade configurations‭. ‬The wood core is covered with fiber-reinforced‭ ‬epoxy‭, ‬then coated with polyurethane lacquer‭. ‬Four North American distributors‭, ‬including Steen Aero Lab‭, ‬are among the worldwide dealers shown at Hoffman Propeller’s website‭.‬

Ivoprop Corporation

Ivoprop Corporation

Ivo Zdarsky escaped from communist‭ ‬Czechoslovakia in 1984‭, ‬using an aircraft and propeller of his own making‭. ‬Since then‭, ‬Long Beach‭, ‬CA-based‭ ‬Ivoprops have become widely known for their imbedded torsion rod that allows pitch adjustment‭, ‬either on the ground or electrically in-flight‭. ‬Ultralight‭, ‬Medium and Magnum models are offered‭, ‬in two or three blade styles‭, ‬and there’s even a six-blade‭ ‬“X”‭ ‬system‭. ‬The Medium series propellers are for engines up to 100‭ ‬hp‭, ‬while the Magnum props can handle up to 700‭ ‬hp‭. ‬Blade construction is of carbon fiber composite‭, ‬finished with black gelcoat and a stainless steel leading edge‭. ‬

Performance Propellers USA‭, ‬LLC

Performance Propellers USA, LLC

Performance Propellers‭, ‬based in Donnie‭, ‬TX‭, ‬offers two and three-blade‭ ‬CNC-cut laminated wood propellers‭ ‬for experimental and aerobatic aircraft‭. ‬Takeoff and climb performance‭ ‬is maintained without compromising‭ ‬cruise performance by optimizing blade profile and flexibility‭. ‬Each propeller is custom made‭, ‬and the purchaser can try the prop out and send it back for tweaking after verifying initial rpm‭. ‬The final‭ ‬finish and poured rainproof leading‭ ‬edge are then applied‭.‬

Powerfin Propellers

Primarily designed for Rotax engine‭ ‬installations‭, ‬Utah-based Powerfin offers‭ ‬ground-adjustable carbon fiber propellers for a variety of light experimental‭ ‬aircraft‭. ‬Two to five-blade hubs are available‭, ‬with four different blade styles‭. ‬Custom blade colors are now being offered‭, ‬to‭ ‬match the owner’s paint design‭. ‬With well over 20‭ ‬years of experience‭, ‬Powerfin denotes its products as‭ ‬“professionally designed and handcrafted‭.‬”

Prince Aircraft Co‭.‬

With over 40‭ ‬years of experience building wood and carbon fiber propellers‭, ‬Lonnie Prince’s company in Whitehouse‭, ‬Ohio has produced over 10,000‭ ‬props‭, ‬primarily for airplanes in the‭ ‬100-‭ ‬to 300-hp range‭. ‬Prince’s unique‭ ‬droop P-tip blade design can give an effective 72-inch diameter with only 68‭ ‬inches of blade length‭. ‬A scimitar‭ ‬shaped blade allows the Prince prop to adjust its pitch over a four-inch range as airspeed changes‭, ‬according to company‭ ‬literature‭. ‬Both wood and wood-core‭ ‬carbon fiber construction is offered‭. ‬

Sterba Propellers

Sterba Propellers

Edward Sterba has been carving props for 40‭ ‬years‭, ‬so there’s very little he doesn’t‭ ‬know about achieving the best performance out of a wood propeller for light‭ ‬experimental aircraft‭. ‬Although Sterba‭ ‬began as a supplier of props for converted‭ ‬Volkswagen engines‭, ‬he can make propellers for engines up to 200‭ ‬hp‭, ‬commonly for RV builders‭. ‬His Sweptback series have a narrow noise-reducing tip‭, ‬targeted primarily for VW installations‭, ‬while the Race series props have a curved leading edge and narrow tip and are used on Continental and Lycoming engines in RVs‭, ‬Mustang and Long EZ airplanes‭. ‬Sterba uses hard maple‭, ‬northern birch and cherry woods‭, ‬with a urethane insert‭ ‬for leading edge protection‭.‬

Sterna Propellers

Sterna Propellers

Sterna Propellers is located in Zephyrhills‭, ‬Florida‭, ‬where it has been in‭ ‬business since 1996‭. ‬It specializes in custom-design propellers‭, ‬using composite‭ ‬blade structure in ground-adjustable‭ ‬hubs‭, ‬primarily for light experimental‭ ‬aircraft‭. ‬However‭, ‬it also offers rotor blades and is working with electric‭-‬power aircraft applications‭. ‬Horsepower per blade ranges from 30‭ ‬to 75‭ ‬hp‭, ‬with‭ ‬various series of props optimized for‭ ‬specific engines‭.‬

Tarver Propellers‭, ‬LLC

Kent Tarver of Fallon‭, ‬Nevada owns the rights to the unique Koppers Aeromatic F200‭ ‬propeller‭, ‬designed in the 1940s‭. ‬It was developed for light airplanes of‭ ‬the post-WWII era‭, ‬giving airspeed‭-‬related automatic pitch shifting to‭ ‬optimize both takeoff and cruise performance‭. ‬Aeromatics fell out of fashion with the introduction of hydraulic‭ ‬constant-speed propellers‭, ‬but their‭ ‬wood-core and laminate blade construction and hub designs are still supported‭ ‬by Tarver Propellers‭. ‬These propellers are sold exclusively for Experimental‭ ‬aircraft and installation is dependent on the engine being used‭.‬

Tennessee Propellers‭, ‬Inc‭.‬

Tennessee Propellers supplies two-blade‭ ‬props for ultralight and experimental‭ ‬aircraft‭, ‬using laminated hard maple finished with a two-part polyurethane coating‭. ‬Leading edge protection can be either an adhesive-backed anti-abrasion tape or a‭ ‬“Uralite”‭ ‬inlaid urethane rubber leading edge‭. ‬Now headquartered‭ ‬just across the state line in Georgia‭, ‬Tennessee Propellers is still located in the Chattanooga area‭. ‬

Warp Drive‭, ‬Inc‭.‬

Based in Ventura‭, ‬Iowa‭, ‬Warp Drive‭ ‬propellers are ground-adjustable props‭ ‬with solid carbon fiber blades‭. ‬Complete propellers in two‭- ‬to six-blade styles are offered‭, ‬and Warp Drive’s well-regarded blades are sold separately for use in some‭ ‬other brands of in-flight adjustable‭ ‬hubs‭. ‬Warp Drive primarily markets its aircraft propellers for use on ultralights‭, ‬trikes‭, ‬gyroplanes‭, ‬powered parachutes and LSA and light experimental airplanes‭, ‬with engines up to 180‭ ‬hp‭.‬

WhirlWind Propellers Corporation

Based in El Cajon‭, ‬California‭, ‬WhirlWind Propellers has been supplying ground-adjustable propellers for experimental aircraft since 1995‭. ‬Two and‭ ‬three-blade styles are offered‭, ‬and a‭ ‬separate division‭, ‬Whirl Wind Aviation‭, ‬was started in 2005‭ ‬to supply constant‭-‬speed propellers‭. ‬WhirlWind also supplies replacement blades for the Vperod propellers used on the Vedeneyev M14P engine‭. ‬Initially using wood-core blades‭, ‬patented‭ ‬carbon fiber designs became the material of choice for WhirlWind in 2000‭. ‬Today‭, ‬using the latest CAD solid modeling‭, ‬FEA simulation‭, ‬CNC machining‭, ‬and a proprietary composite molding process‭, ‬WhirlWind Propellers are widely known and the company can supply blades for many other brands of ground-adjustable props‭.‬

The art of propeller making remains‭ ‬a vital link in the process of taking to the air‭. ‬Whether spun by electric‭ ‬motors‭, ‬piston engines or turboprop‭ ‬powerplants‭, ‬we are always going to‭ ‬need the right prop to convert energy into thrust‭.

Non-Certified Propellers

CompanyDate FoundedConstructionHorsepower Range
Airmaster Propellers, Ltd.1999Metal/composite80 to 200 hp
20 Haszard Rd, Massey, Aukland 0614, New Zealand | +64 9 833 1794
Arrowprop Company, Inc.1960Wood and compositeUp to 100 hp
P.O. Box 610, Meeker, OK 74855 | 405-279-2377
Bolly Aviation1978Composite15 to 180 hp
Hangar 1 Calvin Grove Airfield, Virginia, South Australia 5120 | +61 8 8380 8396
Catto Proellers1974Composite65 to 300 hp
Jackson Westover Airport, 12370 Airport Rd, Hangar 156, Jackson, CA 95642 | 209-754-3553
Competition Aircraft, Inc.1984CompositeUp to 100 hp
10925 Shire Ct, Grass Valley, CA 95949 | 888-634-9839
Culver Props1983WoodUp to 300 hp
15685 Co. Rd 7100, Rolla, MO 65401 | 573-364-6311
DUC Hélices1997Composite100 to 160 hp
Sebring Regional Airport, 442 Hendricks Field Way, Sebring, FL 33870  | 863-991-0113
GSC Systems, Inc.1984Wood35 to 115 hp
#8 – 2440B 14th Ave, Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 8C1 | 250-549-3772
Ivoprop Corporation1986Composite Up to 700 hp
2615 East 67th Street, Unit E, Long Beach, CA 90805 | 562-602-1451
Performance Propellers USA, LLC2009Wood50 to 300 hp
466 Pr 5832, Donie, TX 75838 | 713-417-2519
Powerfin Propellers2008CompositeUp to 160 hp
705 S. 5300 W., Suite 4-5, Hurricane, UT 84737 | 435-627-0942
Prince Aircraft Company1979Wood and composite100 to 300 hp
6774 Providence St, P.O. Box 2669, Whitehouse, OH 43571 | 419-877-5557
Props, Inc.1984WoodUp to 260 hp
354 S.E. 2nd St, Newport, OR 97365 | 541-265-3032
Edward Sterba Propeller Company1980Wood30 to 200 hp
9660 Southeast 72nd Ave, Ocala, FL 34472 | 941-778-3103
Sterna Propellers1996Composite60 to 225 hp
39442 South Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542 | 909-979-4535
Tarver Propellers2003Wood/compositeUp to 170 hp
1500 Rio Vista Dr, Hangar C-4, Fallon, NV 89406 | 775-423-0378
Tennessee Propellers, Inc.1981Wood28 to 100 hp
7031 Highway 157, Rising Fawn, GA 30738 | 706-398-0651
see Competition Aircraft
Warp Drive, Inc.1989CompositeUp to 180 hp
1207 Highway 18 East, Ventura, IA 50482 | 641-357-6000
WhirlWind Propellers Corp.1973Composite80 to 400 hp
1860 Joe Crosson Dr, Suite C, El Cajon, CA 92020 | 619-562-3725

Photos: LeRoy Cook, Paul Dye and courtesy of the manufacturers.


  1. I am looking for a manufacture that is suppling the wide leaf propeller blades for replica and new manufactured Focke Wulf FW-190’s and Me -109’s
    Full size aircraft


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