Advanced Flight Systems Reduces Price on Autopilot


Through December 31, 2010, Advanced Flight Systems is offering a special deal on the AF-Pilot when purchased with a two-screen AF-4500 system. If you opt for a two-screen, two-AHRS setup (made up of the AF-4500EE and AF-4500EF units), the AF-Pilot, normally a $5000-plus addition is only $2475 extra. Choose a dual-screen, single-AHRS combination (AF-4500EF and AF-4500EM) and the autopilot is an addition $2970.

The AF-Pilot seamlessly integrates with the AFS systems and can feed back mode annunciation and other data; the connection is not a “one-way street” from the EFIS to the autopilot. The autopilot itself is a refined version of the TruTrak DigiFlight II VSGV, featuring trim annunciation (also displayed on the EFIS), GPS Steering and GPS Vertical capabilities. With the AF-4500 system, the autopilot will fly fully coupled lateral and dual-axis approaches (both GPS and analog nav, such as VOR, localizer and ILS).

The AF-4500 include integral mapping, synthetic vision, a fully featured engine monitor, angle-of-attack display and much more.

AFS has also announced that its new AF-5600 big-screen EFIS will be available late this year.

For more information, visit Advanced Flight’s website.

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