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Barnaby Wainfan is a principal aerodynamics engineer for Northrop Grumman’s Advanced Design organization. A private pilot with single engine and glider ratings, Barnaby has been involved in the design of unconventional airplanes including canards, joined wings, flying wings and some too strange to fall into any known category.

Design Process: The Rudder

The fixed portion of the vertical tail of an airplane provides directional stability. The rudder provides directional control. When the pilot deflects the rudder, it...

Design Process: Vertical Tail Functions–Yaw Stability and Damping

The vertical tail performs multiple tasks to stabilize and control the airplane. This month we will explore what the vertical tail contributes to the...

Design Process: All-Moving Tails

A conventional horizontal tail has a fixed horizontal stabilizer with an elevator hinged to it to provide pitch control. The “fixed” portion of the...
trim tab

Design Process: Pitch Force Trim

For an airplane to maintain steady-state level flight it must be trimmed in pitch. The airplane is trimmed when the net pitching moment acting...

Design Process: Tail Trim Functions

In addition to stabilizing the airplane in pitch, the horizontal tail must also trim the airplane. In steady-state level flight, the airplane flies at...

Design Process: Horizontal Tail

The horizontal tail has two functions. It provides control power to trim and maneuver the airplane in pitch, and it stabilizes the airplane about...

Design Process: Tail Surfaces

The tail of the airplane performs three functions: It stabilizes the aircraft in both pitch and yaw. It provides trim. It provides control power...

Design Process: End Plates and Winglets

A wing produces a pressure difference between its upper and lower surface. The pressure on top of the wing is lower than the pressure...

Design Process: Wingtips

In our study of wing design, we have progressed from the inner portion and the flaps to the outer part of the span and...

Design Process: Aileron Types

The size and planform of the ailerons are set by the roll-control power needed to meet flying qualities and maneuvering requirements. Once the designer...

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