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Barnaby Wainfan is a principal aerodynamics engineer for Northrop Grumman’s Advanced Design organization. A private pilot with single engine and glider ratings, Barnaby has been involved in the design of unconventional airplanes including canards, joined wings, flying wings and some too strange to fall into any known category.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG limits and tail size.

Wind Tunnel

Design process-CG loading, part 2.

Design Process: CG Loading

Empty weight and empty CG of the airplane are fixed and do not vary from flight to flight. The same cannot be said of its contents.

Wind Tunnel

Design process: balance, part 3.

Wind Tunnel

Design Process-balance, part 2.

Wind Tunnel

Design process: balance.

Wind Tunnel

Design process: wing size and landing distance.

Design Process: Wing Size and Stall Speed

Last month, we began discussing the factors that can drive the wing of our airplane to be bigger than it would be if it...

Wind Tunnel

Design process: wing size and takeoffs.

Repair Barn to the Rescue

The Aircraft Repair Barn at Oshkosh is where airplanes that have mechanical problems or damage go to be repaired during AirVenture.  The Repair Barn...

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