Bose Introduces A20 ANR Headset


This morning at Oshkosh, Bose announced the replacement for the Aviation Headset X, called the A20. Using familiar Bose technology, the A20 adds a second set of microphones to measure ambient noise. In addition to the set of microphones inside the earcups, the A20 employs mics on the outside of the device to better map ambient noise. These new microphones work in concert with new “optimized” electronics and powerful, Bose-designed drivers (speaker) to improve active noise cancelation. In addition, the A20 uses improved ear seals to increase passive noise attenuation.

In a brief demo this morning inside the Bose tent using piped-in aircraft noise, back-to-back comparisons with the A20 and the X showed the new headset to be noticeably quieter. The larger ear seals also seemed like they could be more comfortable, though the 10-minute demo didn’t give us a chance to get “head burn.”

There are other new features, including Bluetooth connectivity and an auxiliary audio input. A priority switch determines if incoming radio messages override Bluetooth phone calls or audio input. In addition, the headphone provides a telephone sidetone.

The Bose A20 is available now for $1095 with Bluetooth, and $995 without.

For more information, visit Bose’s website.


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