2019 Homebuilt Aircraft Directory

So many airplanes, so little time: over 1000 aircraft to choose from. Also learn how 10 of our regular contributors chose their own experimental aircraft. Introduction Directory compiled by Omar Filipovic.

Big Talk

The standalone com radio lives on—smarter, more flexible and affordable than ever.

2021 Propeller Buyer’s Guide

Which Propeller?

Handheld Transceivers

We still need portable radios. Models from Icom and Sporty’s are favorites.

Buying Used: Sonex & Waiex

What you need to know when shopping for these Sonex Aircraft models.

Homebuilt Aircraft Directory 2022

Here we are again with our annual “directory” of homebuilt aircraft that are available as kits, plans or both. The 2022 Homebuilt Aircraft Directory...

2022 Engine Buyer’s Guide

Power up with our annual powerplant directory.

Finding the Proper Prop

Which propeller is right for your homebuilt?

Buying Used: The Pulsar

A popular homebuilt from the 1990s remains viable, if somewhat rare, today.

Big Screen EFIS 2022 Buyer’s Guide

There are plenty of display options at all price points.

In Case You Missed it

Plug-Gapping Tool

If you read Paul Dye’s article “Automotive Plugs in Lycomings” in the August 2023...

Getting High Off Grass

Flying organically with turf runways.

The Luxury Tool

Safe-T-Cable is an expensive alternative to safety wire, but worth it!

Avionics Dropout

In this case, the non-builder owner stated that the avionics, including his EFIS, would...