Super Cub Kit Comparison

Super Cubs are beloved by many a backcountry adventurer, and several kits offer options to meet the demand of builders interested in these sturdy workhorses.

It’s Time to Start

It’s said you don’t know where to begin until someone shines a light down the dark hallway. Metaphorically, anyway, because it’s hard to build...

2014 Rotorcraft Buyer’s Guide

Essential knowledge for choosing and flying Experimental rotors. By Roy Beisswenger.

Big Talk

The standalone com radio lives on—smarter, more flexible and affordable than ever.

Buying Your First Homebuilt Aircraft

Building isn't the only path to owning an Experimental aircraft.

2012 Engine Buyer’s Guide

In Part 1 of our 2012 Engine Buyer’s Guide, Marc Cook explores what’s currently available in traditional powerplants, and why such engines might be the best choice for your homebuilt aircraft needs.

2020 Engine Buyer’s Guide

Get your aero motivation here!

Homebuilt O2

Do-it-yourself oxygen systems for when the air gets thin.

2021 Propeller Buyer’s Guide

Which Propeller?

2016 Engine Buyer’s Guide

There are plenty of choices to power Experimental aircraft.

In Case You Missed it

Print Your Own Parts

Using a 3D printer to make an avionics fan shroud.

Efficient Glass Work

Here's a short little tip for making your composite work a little more efficient. How...

Ask The DAR

DAR Mel Asberry answers a reader’s question regarding the Experimental/Amateur-Built eligibility of an airplane he’s building with parts salvaged from a Cessna 175.

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

How to fabricate sandwich panels, part 3.