Light Stuff

After studying Experimental aircraft, the National Transportation Safety Board developed 16 recommendations. Roy Beisswenger outlines the good, the bad and the still-needed.
Dave Martin

Dave Martin 1938–2021

What we are today was set in motion by Dave more than three decades ago.

Light Stuff

Dave Martin introduces us to the Gobosh factory-built Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) from Poland. Positioned at the luxury end of the LSA spectrum, there are two models: the all-metal G700S and the composite G800 XP, each of which includes standard six-pack instrumentation and leather seats.

Shelving Progress

By introduction to his Civilisation television series, Sir Kenneth Clark made a case for the most trustworthy window on a society being its art,...

Fit and Trim

A first flight reveals truths that only air moving over an aircraft’s surfaces can reveal. Will the engine cool properly? Will the cockpit fill...

Under Pressure

No, this working title isn’t about sitting down close to my draft submission deadline staring at a blank screen. (But it could be.) This...

Editor’s Log

Paul Dye explains how it was possible for him to become editor-in-chief of KITPLANES before he actually left his old job at NASA and what you can expect to see in KITPLANES in the near future.

Radical Reconstruction

There are no halfway measures to describe what has transpired at Glasair Aviation from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to the events preceding...


Editor at Large Marc Cook takes to the soapbox to expound on the ever-increasing fees imposed by the FAA.

A Matter of Trust

Most of us have been in a Mom and Pop café or shop, usually out in the country, where the wall on one side...

In Case You Missed it


Multiple drilled holes on an RV-6 elevator spar.

Design Process: Wing Size and Stall Speed

Last month, we began discussing the factors that can drive the wing of our...

Cogswell’s Molds

Some of the many cool details of Steve Cogswell’s RV project from last month’s...
Starduster too on the ramp

Rear Cockpit: The Other Guy’s Plane

In a parallel life of mine—auto journalism—shop talk occasionally got around to just how...