Time Machine

This month’s cover story, another in our Buying Used installments—this time covering the Pulsar homebuilt—took me back. It was, of course, my awakening into...

Rear Cockpit

Oil: why it gets hot.

Editor’s Log

The chain.

Down to Earth

Amy Laboda discovers that a newly installed EFIS, six-weeks away from her RV-10 and an acute caffeine deficiency challenge her inner student.


Living the dream.

What’s New

AirGizmos offers new gadgets, RDD Enterprises makes speed brakes for the Vans RV-10, and AeroLEDs offers LED-based nav/strobe lights; edited by Mary Bernard.

Basically Bad

Last month this column was full of low-skill derring-do; this month I’m back with another blood pressure raising potboiler, this time more of the...

Buzzwords: Human Factors

Multifunction devices and human factors. Edward P. Kolano.

Around the Patch

Those who plan to build an aircraft from a kit would do well to visit the factory and get to know not only the owners but also the operation. So counsels Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook, whose recent visit to the RANS factory left him favorably impressed. RANS manufacturing is diversified to weather the ups and downs of the market, and the company knows what works and sticks to it.

Taking Care of Old Pushy and Pulley

Modern propellers do a good job of converting engine horsepower into thrust, and are generally tough and sturdy. But every prop needs care. Steve Ells looks at the top prop-care tips.

In Case You Missed it

Aero ‘lectrics

De colores.

Making the Perfect Lancair

Terrence O'Neill has taken customization of his Lancair 235 to a new level, from the Burns Stainless exhaust to a remote-controlled canopy.

Archive: August 1989

We called it “Pulsar With a Purpose,” on our August 1989 cover, and it...

Replacing Baffle Seals

They wont last forever, but are critical for proper engine cooling.