The Sky Arrow 600: a different kind of LSA; by Dave Martin.

Light Stuff

The Sky Arrow 600: a different kind of LSA; by Dave Martin.

Engine Beat

How are your cylinders doing? A differential compression test can uncover any problems-almost before they start. Steve Ells explores what the results mean, and what to do about them.

The Dawn Patrol

Dick Starks and the members of The Kansas City Dawn Patrol head out to take part in the Annual Salute to Veterans Airshow in Columbia, Missouri.

Light Stuff

Columnist Roy Beisswenger takes a look at what’s currently available in the foot-launched and wheeled variety of canopy or soft-wing aircraft.

25th Anniversary: Rutans Take

Burt Rutans elegant and efficient aircraft-and spacecraft-designs are in a league of their own. Amy Laboda looks at Rutans legacy, what hes doing now, and why he may never retire.

Preparing for Flight Test Unknowns

Admit it: We’re all amateurs. Unless we’re actual test pilots, none of us are test pilots. Yet, when we sign the checks for those airplane sub-kits, drill/deburr/dimple ribs and bulkheads, and pitch into the never-ending primer debate, we forget that we have also signed up to be future test pilots. I’m not ready. If you’re […]

Round-Trip Flight

Let’s see. Where was I? When we last spoke, I was headed back into the motorcycle realm, where I eventually got to be editor in chief at Motorcyclist magazine, then owned by a company that could trace its roots to Bob Petersen’s motor-themed empire. We were purchased by another publishing house that ended up being […]


Getting it done right.

Gear of the Year 2008

Most of the attendees at Oshkosh AirVenture each year seek out the latest, greatest, craziest, most innovative gear they can find, and our KITPLANES crew is no exception. This year we've come up with some brand new gadgets and some items that have escaped our attention till now but shouldn't have; a staff report.

Rear Cockpit

Oil: why it gets hot.

In Case You Missed it

Aero ‘lectrics

Columnist Jim Weir offers his annual awards for the best products or services seen at Oshkosh/AirVenture 2007.

What’s New – Oxygen Concentrator, Factory-Built Searey, Dynon ADSB-in

Progressive Aerodyne to offer factory-built SeaRey, Windblade introduces Inogen Aviator G2-1050, and Dynon ships new ADS-B “In” weather and traffic receiver for SkyView EFISes.

Ask the DAR

Converting heavy ultralights to ELSA, ELSA maintenance requirements.

Unbreaking the Bank

Although many more than eight Light Sport Aircraft can be built for less than $40,000, Dave Martin highlights some of the aircraft he has flown and offers personal insights on why they may be the way to go for you.