Dreams Take Flight

“Grandpa Kerry, where do unwanted airplane projects come from?” I choked on my ice cream. The grandpa moniker is still as startling to me as...

Overheard at AirVenture

AirVenture 2021 has just concluded as I scratch this out, making it a good time for a warble about the doings seen and heard...

Weight, For the Right One

Classified ads for flying homebuilts boast of the meticulous workmanship and maintenance. The engine upgrades and professional paint are noted. A string of characters,...

ATS E5A Cable Tester

How to know if your ignition cables are good.

What’s the DAR’s Role?

Question: I know that you are active on the Van’s Air Force (VAF) site, so I thought I might direct some questions to you...

Learning Glass

Old dog, new tricks. We see the discussion of EFIS digital instruments versus round steam gauges on homebuilders forums every week. There are all...

CQ, CQ—The Best Little Headset from Texas

Sometimes, smaller is better.

Museum of Flying Art

Being a military brat, we moved around some when I was a kid. Having good parents meant we sampled the local fare as much...

What’s In a Name?

Out of the blue.

AirVenture 2021: Surprise, No Surprise

Editor's log.

In Case You Missed it

Plane and Simple

Drilling in tight places.

Light Stuff

In an aviation segment where rentals are generally not an option, acquiring your own aircraft may be the way to go. There are deals to be had, if you know where to look. By Roy Beisswenger.


Shocking, Absolutely Shocking I was disappointed on many levels in your editorial...

25th Anniversary: The Glasair-Lancair Wars

The origins of Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft precede Lancair Aircraft by a few years, but once Lancair entered the game, competition was not only fierce but also productive; by Marc Cook.