Building Trust—Reliability vs. Redundancy

It is hard to fly without a little trust. Call it faith if you will, but we fundamentally can’t leave the ground without some...

Let’s Get Dirty

Some—perhaps even many—pilots of Experimental aircraft never operate their artfully homebuilt aircraft on any runway surface not considered “improved,” meaning asphalt or concrete. That’s...

Help! You Need Somebody

This topic came to me in a dream, probably triggered by a New Year’s Eve chili-and-pumpkin pie-eating binge. Still, it’s rooted in reality, and...

A Guide to Guides

While it never feels good to be stuck in the ribs, when you deserve it, it hurts even worse. That was our feeling when...

Fleeting Thoughts

When we talk about Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft with “regular” pilots, it’s common for the conversation to imply that our world is a mere tiny speck...

Kit Confidential—Hardware Kits

I may be guilty of sitting on this story too long. In 2003, on the eve of my employment in the kit-aircraft industry, an...

Dollars and Sense

In my decades in aviation, I have come across individuals representing a wide financial demography—from folks who could buy a Boeing with a personal...

On Mechanics

Given the benign nature of newer homebuilts and the wonders of a repairman certificate, there may be a good number of us not beholden...
warehouse forklift

Demand and Supply

We’re all tired of talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m certain, but there’s no denying it’s reached into every corner of our society, impacting...

Minimax to the Rescue

It's not easy to find a tug/tow bar assembly substantial enough to handle the job adequately and still be portable enough to be carried aboard.

In Case You Missed it

Ask the DAR

Licensing a partially completed project. Does major repair work count as building?

Petit Jean

This small fly-in has what it takes to become the next big thing.

Free Flight

When you build your own airplane, you get to design the cockpit you’ve always wanted, from the ground up. But facing that blank slate can be challenging and calls for a thoughtful approach.

Firewall Forward: Starting Your Engine

Long engine life begins with a good start. Dave Prizio.