“Hey, who you callin’ old?”

The Dawn Patrol

“Hey, who you callin’ old?”


Courtesy Light Question I just read your courtesy light article [Common Courtesy, July 2014]. Great stuff! That’s what sets the Experimental planes apart from the rest of GA—the ability to innovate. I do have a question: I’m looking at the schematics and something seems to be off. The NE555 does not seem to get power […]

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The same plane twice…

Editor’s Log

On with the shows!

Editor’s Log

Yes, you can...maybe!


Getting it done right.

Rear Cockpit

Flying glass.

Around the Patch

Getting a handle on it; by Marc Cook.

What’s New

The Jabiru LSA was certified, a new Sport Hornet is introduced, Vertical Power offers climate control in the cockpit, Cirrus is taking orders, an old favorite book title is back in print, the PT-6 firewall-forward package is now on a Turbo Grizzly, and an LED pilot pen lights the great write way; edited by Mary Bernard.

Around the Patch

The FAAs John Hickey and Frank Paskiewicz got an earful at the AirVenture forum assembled to illuminate proposed changes to the 51% rule. Although some of the comments ran far afield, many more homebuilders posed thoughtful and challenging questions in an effort to help them understand where they stand with regard to the new regulations; by Marc Cook.

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