Challenge Yourself

It’s human nature to learn a new skill, work hard to “perfect” it and then settle into a peaceable existence just inside your comfort...

Helping Out

You may have noticed, but things have gotten sort of expensive lately. The daily stuff has a new bite to it and the once...

Buy, Buy, Buy

Time to talk about the “parts” portion of my column tagline. I’ve been a professional buyer for over seven years and while I still...

“Glare” Shield

The body of this month’s column is part informational, part confessional and part Zen and the Art of Experimental Maintenance. One of the most...


I wrote this in April to meet a May deadline for this September issue of KITPLANES®, which came out before AirVenture in July. I...

Clattering About Diesels

DeltaHawk’s DHK180 engine has received its FAA certification. Yes, that’s the same inverted-vee, four-cylinder, two-stroke Jet A-burning diesel we’ve heard about for years. And,...

Training, Teaching and Coaching

With a title like that, you might expect that I’d excuse anyone without an instructor certificate from reading this month’s column. But if the...

Basically Bad

Last month this column was full of low-skill derring-do; this month I’m back with another blood pressure raising potboiler, this time more of the...

Bored No More

In a story full of admissions, I must start by confessing I had been thinking of ways to not fly the same old hour...

The Personalized Grip

There comes a time, fairly early in the kit-building process, where if a builder is constructing an aircraft to be flown with a stick...

In Case You Missed it

Same Fun, Less Fuel

Glasair Aviation leads the way with new Diesel Sportsman 2+2.

My Ten Favorite Tools for Building

A common question on the minds of potential builders is what kind of tools...

Small Screen Upgrade!

It’s a matter of Touch.

Torque Plates

Torque plates are installed before any cylinders go on at the Lycoming engine...