Why Reno Mattered

With nearly six decades of Reno air racing now behind us, it’s worth reflecting on what we gained from the experience. We’d better remember,...

Reno: The Grit and the Glory

Few eras in aviation have changed with the clarity of the National Championship Air Races leaving Reno-Stead airport for an uncertain future. For 59...

Coming of Age at Reno

As I start this month’s column, it hasn’t fully sunk in that I won’t be going back to Reno, but I still feel a...

A Fine Specimen

There’s something you probably can guess about so-called factory airplanes—examples of Experimental aircraft built for design evaluation as well as press and customer exposure—but...

Inserting Bolts, Installing Nuts

I never set out to write a hardware trilogy, yet here we are. A little ditty on washer usage begat a column on bolt-length...

Staying Late

In magazine land—a parallel universe to the real world—I’m writing this between Oshkosh and Reno. The time between these two big events is a...

One Marvelous Community

This month’s column is inspired by the most recent AirVenture, which has left me reflecting on how it really isn’t the aircraft that draw...

Out of This World

I returned from AirVenture with a few story ideas and a horrible illness that prevented me from doing much of anything. “Might as well...

The Best Oshkosh Ever

I know many of you following the progress of my Hummingbird helicopter are probably thinking that flying it to the show is what made...

Following Footsteps

I was an airplane nut for as long as I can remember even though I had no family exposure to aviation. My father was...

In Case You Missed it

Velocity V-Twin

Looking sleek as a spaceship, the new V-Twin inspires some strong feelings in flight reviewer Doug Rozendaal when he first sees it. Flying the plane only increases his enthusiasm.

What’s New

Dr. RoTech introduces an engine analyzer for Rotax 912/914 engines, Planemakers offers builder assistance for composite aircraft, and Ameritech distributes Electroair ignition systems.

Give Me a Brake

When his Zenith CH 701 wouldn't stay put during runup and tended to roll on an incline, builder Chuck Deiterich came up with a do-it-yourself solution.

The Dawn Patrol

When the National Geographic Channel throws down an aviation challenge, The Dawn Patrol answers the call.