Postcards from Reno 2023

A few stills captured through the lens at Air Races 2023—the last time the event is held at Reno Stead.

Steve Goes to Reno

Editor's note: We let Steve roam freely around the pits in Reno. Besides the stories he posted from around Reno Stead, here's what he...

Yamaha-Powered STOL Highlander

Eddie Sanches herds an American Airlines 777 around for a living, but on the weekends he enjoys the rough and tumble world of STOL...

Races Cancelled

Update (Sept. 17, 3:55 pm PT): Reno Air Racing Association has officially cancelled the 2023 races. The final National Air Races at Reno, Nevada are...

Watson Wins Formula 1 Gold

Sometimes things go to plan, and this morning the Formula 1 Gold went exactly as predicted, not that it wasn’t fun to watch it...

Reno Diaries 2023 – Ep. 4

Saturday morning was fairly slow. I fueled Race 39 bright and early and I was tired of answering the age-old question, “What kind of...

Terrified? Or Just Happy to Be Here?

To quote a great aviation movie from the 1960’s “‘E’s not supposed to carry passengers!” Dee Child flies Race 60, a Glasair that is obviously...

A Reno Honeymoon

It’s interesting what you overhear while standing in crowds. During the Sport Gold heat race on Friday I heard the people next to me...

More than just “Busy”

As Tom Wilson reported on Friday, it was starting to get busy at the Reno Air Races… well Saturday it went from “busy” to...

LaVelle Leads, Findlay Follows

It’s Saturday, when a race pilot’s thoughts bank toward victory. You could see it in today’s 400 mph Sport Gold heat. Very interestingly, just like...

In Case You Missed it

Light Stuff

Dave Martin and company owner Randy Schlitter wring out the RANS S-6 LSA.

Pedal Power

Building a classic biplane for the next generation of aviators. By Tom Brusehaver.

Composite Sheared Wingtips

A step-by-step process to make DIY molds for sheared wingtips.

Replacing Baffle Seals

They wont last forever, but are critical for proper engine cooling.