It’s September in Reno, and to aviation buffs, that means one thing - Air Racing!

And They’re Racing!

It’s September in Reno, and to aviation buffs, that means one thing - Air Racing!

Hangin’ It Out There

Strolling through the Formula 1 hangar at the Reno Air Races, we came upon Steve Temple’s Heat Stroke with its cowling off, and thought “wow…what an RV builder wouldn’t give for that much room between the back of the engine and the firewall!” Yes, that is a Continental O-200 hanging way out there on that […]

Phillips Introduces New Multi-Weight Oil

Phillips 66’s new combines the multi-viscosity, ashless-dispersant oil pilots are familiar with (as Phillips X/C) with the Lycoming LW-16702 additive. Previously, only Shell offered a multi-weight oil with the additive already in place. “Our product development is the direct result of pilot requests for a multi-grade engine oil that requires no expensive top-treating to simplify […]

AirVenture 2019 Facts and Figures

Attendance increased 6.8 percent above of 2018’s record total.


What I most admire about Karl is that he has religiously taken every single one of his five children, one on one, both as kids and teenagers to Oshkosh. Amazing.

Paul Kuntz Flies First U.S. Kit-built Pipistrel Sinus to AirVenture

We take it for granted that all we have to do to get the aircraft kit of our dreams is to write a big check and then sit back to wait for delivery. Not always. In 2005, Paul Kuntz searched the air show grounds of AirVenture, looking for the perfect kit aircraft to scratch that […]

Homebuilt Control Tower

There is a little building just southeast of Homebuilder’s HQ with a sign identifying it as the Homebuilt Tower. I’ve been flying in for over a decade and never notice or known of their role so I made a visit today. I learned that the FAA does NOT provide any ground control at KOSH during […]

If the Broom Fits

I ran across Laura Wilson Pennell, a delightful volunteer this morning. It appears that she attended the Harry Potter school of flight.

Spirit of Flight

Every year the Society of Experimental Test Pilots present the Spirit of Flight Award in recognition of outstanding work in the field of homebuilt flight testing or flight safety. Traditionally, this award has been given to individuals, but at Airventure 2019, they broke the mold and presented the award to the EAA Homebuilt Council in […]
Dark Aero.

Visiting the Innovation Showcase

If you are into cool, whether atmospheric or “toys”, there is no better place to hang out than the Innovation Showcase. While most of the displays aren’t fully ready for “prime time,” there is huge potential and some folks are there with established products looking to transfer into new realms. The first booth I visited […]

In Case You Missed it

What’s New: Dynon’s New Com Radio and Intercom

Audio components designed to work with the latest SkyView firmware 6.0.

Updating an Old Friend

Bolt-on electronic fuel injection and ignition for the Continental O-200.

Build Your Skills: Fabric

Who knew there was so much to consider when selecting a fabric for your aircraft project? Cotton or polyester? Light weight or heavy? STCs, TSOs, PMAs, FAA requirements. Poly-Fiber or Ceconite systems? Ron Alexander unravels the alphabet soup and explains how and why each fabric may be the way to go for a specific project.

Home Shop Machinist

Tapping your inner thread.