Van's Aircraft Sued for $35 Million over RV-10 Crash

The family of a 4-year old girl and her mother are suing kit maker Van's Aircraft over the death of the girl and injuries...

Sling Prototype Lost in South Africa

The aircraft that pilots Mike Blyth and James Pitman used to circumnavigate the globe last year, the Airplane Factory Sling, crashed during spin testing off the South African Kwa-Zulu coast on February 13. Both test pilots survived, but the airplane was destroyed.

Just Aircraft’s SuperSTOL

Just Aircraft is well known for its sporty, two-place taildraggers and at Sun 'n Fun 2013 the company had on display a new model called the SuperSTOL.

If It's Not One Thing…

It's another, and in the business of showing and selling aircraft, neatness counts. Early on in this year's Sun 'n Fun adventure, rain-soaked grounds...

SnF Postcards: Reflecting the Sunshine

With so many things to look at, sometimes it's good for the soul to simply relax and take in the beauty of the glimmering...

PC-Aero Receives Lindbergh Prize

PC-Aero has won the Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award, at this year's AirVenture, for the company's integration of Solar World's solar technology...

Bugatti 100P at the Mullin

Fans of the wildly futuristic 1937 Bugatti 100P can inspect the Reve Bleu replica project at the Mullin Automotive Museum this spring and early...

New Digs!

Pilots headed to camp with their homebuilts at AirVenture this year will find something new--a recently finished (they were putting metal on it yesterday)...

Sun N Fun News: Cessna Talks About LSA Progress

Front and center in Cessnas outside display at Sun N Fun was the rakish NGP (next-generation piston) four-seater and Light Sport proof-of-concept aircraft. Sporting a cheeky new cowl, the POC, now called the CSA, for Cessna Sport Aircraft, was shown with a Continental O-200 replacing the Rotax 912 the airplane originally flew with. According to project chief pilot Kirby Ortega, the CSA development is continuing apace, though he pointed out that the existing airframe is…

Hoover Farewell Fanfare

Lieutenant General Jimmy Doolittle described Robert A. "Bob" Hoover as "the greatest stick and rudder man who ever lived." He was also among the...

In Case You Missed it

Flying in the Ford World

Sage philosopher and aviation nut Uncle Ishmael explains how, for about the price of a 4-year-old Ford pickup truck, you can own a serviceable homebuilt aircraft. Youll probably have to forgo anything certified, and hone your scrounging skills, but when all is said and done, isn't getting up in the air flying better than sitting on the ground dreaming?

What’s the Future of Homebuilding?

Some builders of Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft are builders in name only, deferring primary construction of the aircraft to the pros. So concluded the FAA, which is determined to clamp down on those who would flout the 51% rules. What does it mean to regular homebuilders? Those who are building now will be unaffected, but for future builders, the FAAs guidance revisions could be significant.

Fuel Shutoff Valve

There's more to an extended-range fuel system than just adding tanks.

Hell on Wheels

Despite losing the use of his legs to childhood polio, John Deneke has done what hes always done: found a way to fly, and to build. By Bob Fritz.