What You Should Know About the MWFly Engines from Italy

Guido Fantini offers a detailed look at the MWFly four-cylinder aero engines being shown at Sun 'n Fun 2024.


A single seat, open cockpit biplane.


Flybreezy, a company based in California, has a new product aimed at making battery charging less of an issue for pilot videographers.

GAMI Says It Has 1 million Gallons of “Conforming” G100UL

The fuel is stored in a tank at its Baton Rouge plant and has a certificate of authenticity, which then makes it “commercially viable.”

Hartzell Talks About Acquiring Whirlwind Propellers

Hartzell Propeller's president JJ Frigge took a few moments at the beginning of Sun 'n Fun Day 2 to talk about the recent acquisition of Whirlwind, competing propeller manufacturer very popular in the Experimental world.

Sun ’n Fun to the Rescue: Aviation’s Spring Break

When you’ve had enough of winter, the aerospace expo arrives just in time.

uAvionix Adds IFR HSI Capability to the AV-30 EFIS with the...

uAvionix has been teasing an HSI adapter for IFR navigation for some time but it appeared in the flesh during this year's Sun 'n Fun airshow.

UND Valve Recession Cause—GAMI’s Theory

George Braly says he thinks he knows why the University of North Dakota’s flight training program had valve seat recession issues.

EAA AirVenture Cup Race Applications Now Available

Applications for the 26th annual EAA AirVenture Cup Race are now available online. The 2024 AirVenture Cup Race begins at 9:00 am CDT on...

Dynon Shows Us the 12-inch HDX1200 EFIS Big Screen Display

Dynon Avionics' Mike Schofield shows off the company's newest display, the 12-inch HDX1200, which joins the 10-inch HDX1100 and 7-inch HDX800 in the SkyView lineup.

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Are you considering an alternative engine?

Patrick Panzera explains some specific formulas he uses to see if an engine' claimed numbers pass muster.

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