How the Pros Do It: How Diamond Builds Composite Airplanes

Just like the homebuilder in the garage but with expensive tooling and more friends than you can muster on a Saturday to help with...

Zenith STOL for Microsoft FlightSim

Microsoft Flight Simulator fans will have a new toy for Christmas this year. SimWorksStudios is set to release the Zenith STOL CH701 model featuring...

Yamaha Looks At Airplane Engines (Corrected)

Yamaha is dipping a tentative toe into the aviation engine market in a partnership with a Japanese manufacturer. The recreational and industrial vehicle giant...

Airbus Partners with TangoFlight to Build RV-12s and Mentor Students

Airline industry giant, Airbus Americas, Inc. has been partnering with aviation curriculum non-profit TangoFlight to build Van's RV-12 aircraft and to build the lives...

Javron Cub Double Take

One of the dangers of walking through AirVenture is the possibility of whiplash as you suddenly see something out of the corner of your...

It’s Not Your Old 1917!

One of the traditions at the Reno Air Races is the Fire Truck ride given to race winners and their crews. Traditionally, the winning...

FAA Medical Special Issuance Wait Time

We spotted this aviator at Sun 'n Fun waiting for the FAA to rule on his Special Issuance Medical.

What’s New

Belite Aircrafts prototype meets Part 103 weight requirements; Continental Motors unveils the new O-200 Lightweight Engine for Light Sport and kit aircraft.

Lancair Announces Insurance Plan for IV

Lancair announced that full hull coverage for Lancair IV, IV-P and PropJet owners is now available through AIG Insurance for pilots who meet a number of criteria. Liability is limited to $1 million per occurrence and $100K per passenger. Full flight and ground coverage is available up to a maximum of $500K insured value. …

Rotax 912 Remote Oil Filter Kit from California Power Systems

Hey, Rotax pilots-having trouble changing your oil because that darn oil filter is just impossible to get at? Or does the filter get in the way of engine mounts, exhaust pipes and other accessories? Well, heres a solution. California Power Systems, authorized dealer and service center for Rotax engines, announced the introduction of a new remote oil filter kit that allows the filter to be mounted on the firewall or any other flat surface where easy…

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Flight Review: Point of Ignition

Builder Kurt Goodfellow has risen to the challenge of installing a Wilksch Airmotive WAM-120 diesel powerplant in his Van’s RV-9, and the proof is in the performance test results. By Ken Krueger.

Wind Tunnel

Learn how wingtip vortices are generated and how wake turbulence can affect your aircraft.


Builders share their successes.