Dynon TSB: Kavlico Fluid Pressure Sensors


Dynon/Advanced Flight Systems issued a technical service bulletin regarding a problem that affects the Kavlico pressure sensors that are often installed in aircraft equipped with the company’s products.

“Since 2012, Dynon has supplied Kavlico fluid pressure sensors for use with its engine monitoring products. These sensors are primarily used to monitor oil, fuel, and coolant pressure. Dynon has received rare sensor failure reports that involve fluid leakage. Reports include both drips and sprays of fuel and oil. Dynon has not received any reports of fuel exhaustion, oil exhaustion, or fires associated with the reported failures. Based on review of the sales and fleet data, the likelihood of this condition occurring is remote.”

The company is asking owners for assistance and reports, and expects to have a product improvement that will be available for most applications in the coming days.

The full bulletin is available on Dynon’s website.


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