Gerry Peterson’s S-19 Venterra


Gerry Peterson’s S-19 VenterraMy S-19 Venterra received its Special Airworthiness Certificate on April 7, 2019 after a thorough inspection of the aircraft and documentation by DAR Vic Syracuse. N194GC is still in Phase 1 testing and has met all performance (and personal) expectations to date.

The aircraft was built over a seven year period at home. It utilizes a Rotax 912ULS engine and contains a full suite of Dynon avionics with autopilot and ADSB. The paint scheme was developed in collaboration with No Coast Design and the Sherwin-Williams Skyscapes GA paint system was applied by me in a homebuilt spray booth in my garage.

Very special recognition goes out to my wife, Dianne, who enthusiastically supported me in chasing my long held dream. Additional thanks go out to fellow S-19 builders Kathy Anderson, Randy Clark, Mike Duggan, Glenn Mathis, Phil Risley and CFI Dave Jabbari, all of whom contributed to the success of this first time project.

In closing, I must caution future first time builders that they may find that they enjoy building as much as they do flying. And that sets the perfect stage to become what’s known in our world as a Repeat Offender

Gerry Peterson
Merritt Island, Florida



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