New Product: Pro Pilot Autopilot


Trio Avionics will introduce its new Pro Pilot autopilot at AirVenture Oshkosh next month. The Pro Pilot, which is compatible with Trio’s Gold Standard intelligent servos, makes all of the company’s current systems available in a single, panel-mounted instrument that offers precise horizontal navigation capability, vertical navigation functions including altitude hold, and altitude pre-select. Climb/descent on airspeed can also be set by the pilot. The company says upgrades soon to come are GPSS, GPSV and fuel management. The unit features backlit buttons and illuminated faceplate nomenclature. It fits into a 3.125-inch instrument hole.

Standard features include automatic servo disconnect on takeoff, track offset, G force limiting and Trio’s “automatic 180° turn” feature for VFR pilots who fly into IMC. Planned is a backup battery that will allow the autopilot system and an independent GPS to operate for an hour if the aircraft’s power is interrupted. The price is $3995, and deliveries are expected to begin in September.

For more information, visit Trio Avionics.

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