Newly Minted Titan T-51 Rides an LS-3 Engine from Texas

Titan T-51, build in Texas and flown to SnF by Chuck Mut.
Famous gunslinger “Rooster.”

Chuck Mut, a Titan dealer in Monaville, Texas (a suburb of Houston) recently finished and painted his beautiful Titan T-51 and flew it from TX42 to Sun ‘n Fun to be one of the first arrivals at Paradise City. Chuck’s Mustang, powered by a Chevrolet LS-3 V8 engine, gave him a cruise speed of 150 knots at about 12 gallons per hour. He employed an Auto Flight re-drive out of New Zealand.

Chuck completed construction and first flew his ship, named Rooster (after famous cowboy Rooster Cogburn) in November of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. He finished painting it just last week. You can even smell the paint curing on the Paradise City grass. Chuck chose a paint scheme from Korean era Mustang units. He built a full IFR panel, sporting Advanced Flight Systems components.

Full IFR Advanced Systems panel.


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