Oil Recycling


We all try our best to recycle and protect the environment. We haul waste oil to a recycle facility, pour fresh oil into our baby, then toss those empty bottles into the recycle bin. I’m sure, like me, you try to drain every last drop before the next one, but time is the enemy. We want the job done so we can go fly, but there are a lot of drops left in those empty oil containers.

Well, here’s a simple solution. Don’t try to get every last drop. Save all the containers. Put the lids back on. Use one of the large oil containers for drain and storage. Stash it in a secure place so it can’t fall over. Place a clean funnel in the container. Every trip to the hangar, drop an empty container upside down into the funnel. Next trip, remove the old bottle and replace it with another empty. Before you know it, there will be a free quart of oil in the storage container. Use it in the bird, or fill an oil can for lubricating around the hangar or home.

Remember to keep the storage funnel clean, and drape a clean rag over it to keep debris from falling into the clean oil. Use a different funnel for waste oil so the clean oil stays clean. The photo is my home oil collection.


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