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Kitfox Rights Acquired by Sport Plane, LLC

In a history punctuated by swirling eddies of ownership changes, bankruptcy and rebirth, another chapter of the Kitfox story opened on April 7, 2006, when John and Debra McBean purchased...

Kitfox and Lycoming Team up on O-233-Powered S7 Super Sport

The Kitfox S7 Super Sport, now in flight and gathering test and performance data, features the new Lycoming 115-horsepower O-233 with a Champion electronic ignition system. Kitfox is one of...

Kitfox Series 7 Super Sport Receives FAA 51 Percent Approval

...Airworthiness Division (AIR-200) will have the Kitfox kit added to the List of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits located on the FAA web site. Kitfox Aircraft uses CNC routers, and the standard...

Eric Joern’s Kitfox Super Sport

After attending AirVenture three times, watching my brother build his Kitfox and getting to know the folks at the Kitfox factory, I decided Kitfox was the way to go. The...

Franklin’s Kitfox Speedster Routine Back at Oshkosh

...air show performing his own low-level routine in a modern Kitfox Speedster. Kyle’s Speedster is a Kitfox with the wings “clipped” by one bay. Jummy Franklin and the Kitfox Otherwise,...

WIlliam Prokes’ Kitfox Model 4

...too. Thanks to Phil Laker who introduced me to the Kitfox and has shown me the way. Thanks to the McBeans of Kitfox Aircraft. Location: Chandler, AZ e-mail address: bill@tsgsigns.com...

Kitfox Cutaway on Display at Oshkosh

...Kitfox Aircraft set up a cutaway of a complete airplane. This provides an opportunity to see a Kitfox skeleton that a finished product doesn’t offer. The company is also displaying...

Leedom/Hlavac KitFox Lite

N200HL started life as a KitFox Lite kit. The engine is a Rotax 503 with a 3.47:1 reduction. The motor mount, carbon full cowl and the gear legs with coil...

Dave Armando’s Kitfox Speedster Model V

After 6 years of building my 2001 Kitfox Speedster Model V was flown. Equipped with a Jabiru 3300 120 hp 6 cylinder, swinging an IVO medium constant speed prop, my...

Saupe Kitfox

My wife Shelli and I started our Kitfox III kit October 19th of 2014. Thanks to the generous help of our local EAA Chapter (602) technical counselors and flight advisor,...

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