Pipistrel to Market Its Electric Power Unit to Builders and Developers

Pipistrel Plug & Play electric propulsion system. (Image: Pipistrel)
Under the cowling of the Alpha Electro.

Pipistrel Aircraft has sunk thousands of hours and untold buckets of money into developing an all-electric propulsion system for its Alpha Electro and Alpha Trainer two seater LSAs. Each unit produces 60KWH, about 80 hp. The motors themselves are not unique. However, the most critical components of the system, the controller and its software, are.

Pipistrel engineers have developed an innovative controller architecture that processes data from all flight parameters and maximizes battery life, battery cooling and motor output, resulting in more flight time each mission.

Now, Pipistrel is looking to enable other developers and even individual kit builders to use this technology. By purchasing a proven off-the-shelf power system, builders can get their projects to first flight faster and safer. Interested folks can contact Harrison Freer, Northeast U.S.A. Sales at Pipistrel, or visit pipistrel-usa.com/electric-propulsion.

Pipistrel Norheast U.S. Sales Manager, Harrison Freer.


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